The intuition during the gambling at the online casino

The intuition during the gamblingThe gambling "feeling" is a subconscious desire or a feeling that "I must". This tool is often used by players in online casinos. Some people even build entire strategies based solely on intuition. Does this phenomenon help or harm? Is there any reason to trust it? From a scientific point of view, the concept of intuition has been studied rather little. None of the scientists will be able to clearly answer the question what it is and how it works. There are various theories and assumptions, but the research object is too complicated. In general, the science and psychology agree that intuition is a way of the knowledge without any proof, comparison, without the involvement of conscious processes and any understanding of how the knowledge was obtained. That`s just about the same formulates Carl Jung:

"The peculiarity of intuition is that it is neither sensation nor feeling, nor intellectual conclusion, although it may also occur in these forms. The intuition when some content appears to us as a finished whole, not that we were first able to indicate or to reveal how this content was created." The intuition during the gambling at the online casino is always opposed to the clearly established fact, for example: the slot “A” has a payout percentage of 97%. This means that it will pay $97 from sub - $100 at a distance. This is a purely statistical knowledge. Sometimes the slot really gives a solid gain in the near future or starts the bonus program. But in most cases, the "foreboding" doesn’t give a definite answer to the question, it only motivates some action, doesnt necessarily lead to the desired result.

Two systems

If strongly to simplify the work of the entire human nervous system, we can say about the existence of her two "layers":

  • System 1: that`s all about the subconscious and the work of the oldest parts of the brain. This system works lightning fast and it is often included in the most dangerous moments of life. For example, when you have the bears attack in the forest, he will interact with the System 1.
  • System 2: this is more analytical, measured and deliberate way of the brains working, characteristic of relatively new parts of the brain. So here, the intuition refers to the first system is a very ancient method of extracting the information.

According to some studies, people have the right to trust your intuition, because it knows the answer long before the inclusion of consciousness. A person can ask a question, the mind still processes it and the subconscious mind is ready to give an answer. And this response is manifested in the form of intuition. Our "foreboding" is activated quite rarely due to the fact that people used conscious tools. Our nervous system is largely aimed at maximizing safety. Early in the life of the people was full of surprises in the form of saber-toothed tigers or wooly mammoths. And this intuition worked already. Man could and can instantly feel the danger. But now this mechanism not needed for the most part and we use them often.

The intuition in online casino as an instinct

Virtual gamblingThere is such a theoretical model called the recognition primed decision (RPD). Remember it makes no sense, it is important to understand this essence. It shows that in extreme conditions (playing in poker with maximum bets, the action has a limited time interval or, for example, in a rapidly changing situation) the person makes a decision based on a previous experience (looking for similar situations in the past) and for a split second and takes appropriate decision.

In this process not involved only the intuition, but also an analytical tool. It is also important to say in this context about the instinct. It is often confused with the intuition. And the line is really slim here. If you had a lot of experience with children, then you are better than others will understand how to behave with them in the future in different situations. Online casino can be the same. You earn the experience and better understand the specific situation, because they had been before.

The so-called intuition can be simply based on a previous experience: then the slot given, so give now. Rather, you just remember that then everything turned out well and your gut tells you that the same will happen now (although not necessarily).

The intuition is different

The professional poker players often use the intuition. It is only the tool which helping to make important decisions for many people. And specifically in poker (online or offline) intuition is really important, because over the years games builds up a huge number of hands, many of which are repeated. For example, a player “A” has a strong hand (but not top), he bets on the river and he get a raise.

The previous experience tells me that there's something wrong, he's done it before and it ended badly. And even if you call a bet on chance, the player can fold and play with the intuition. You need to take many small and big decisions in poker, but everything is different in online casinos. The influence of intuition on anything is minimal. It can only tell that it was time to call it a night, for no good further the rink cannot lead. It should be clearly understood that the same slots from the player a little that depends. The most important solutions are the beginning and end of the gaming process. This also can be attributed to the choice of rate, but this is secondary.

Intuition as a friend and an enemy

CardsSteve Jobs said:

"You can`t connect the dots looking forward; you can it only when you are looking back. So it remains only to trust that the dots will tell you about your future." And again: "Need something to believe in intuition, in myself, in fate, karma or anything else. This approach has never let me down; it is all of my life." Here Jobs talks about past experiences as a litmus paper for future decisions. But he has in mind, of course, not slots and roulette, and much more important life achievements. In general, I want to say this: the intuition is certainly important but in the online casino almost everything depends on a simple case. If the slot gave so agreed odds; if not given, then so too has converged. The intuition is powerless here for the most part. But it is heard when it yells: "ENOUGH TO TIN!" But in those moments are really need to stop.

So, let`s identify some of the points:

  • The intuition when you are playing at online casinos is most often powerless

As slot machines, in fact, operate without the players participation and quantity decisions, respectively, is minimal, about the proper role of intuition, however. It is better to think analytically and know all the necessary information about a specific slot: first and foremost, the payout percentage and variance. All these "one more spins! I feel like I can fill!" is not more than emotions, manifestations of the gambling addiction and excitement. It`s not intuition, and the putty, in one degree or another. The real flair is evident in other situations when you need to make more important decisions.

  • The intuition based on previous experience

The one of the most important choices for the player is to select a casino. The experienced players will probably immediately determine the quality of an institution or of the slot. But it should be understood what it means “an instinct”. Maybe, it included. Although it does not really matter.

  • The intuition is the result of the subconscious

Theoretically, your gut can be relied upon, but not always. Still, this mechanism is geared for a different purpose. And much depends on the person. Some rely too much on the intuition, although it is better to consider as additional source of information.

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