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How to win at Magic Princess

How to win at the Magic Princess slotIf you want to increase the frequency of winning combinations in an online slot, then you are on the right track. We will talk about all the strategies that experienced players use to win more than possible in the slot machine. Knowing just a few secrets increases your chances of winning hundreds of times. Our tester tested each strategy and left his recommendations on how to win at Magic Princess slot.

Personal testers opinion

Every gambler knows that Novomatic slot machines have a very long cycle. Therefore, in most slots, large prizes fall out roughly after every 1000 spins. Magic Princess Slot game is no exception. The best option, which allows you to win in the slot, is playing the game at low rates. It is better to put no more than 50 coins on the back so that you do not risk losing everything. By the way, free spins mode brings a proper payment and bonus game. But remember the rate of their activation is affected by the size of the bet.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Slot game-winning strategies

  • The size of the win: To win at Magic Princess slot game, you will need to play at the rates that match the number of credits that you deposited. It's better to bet at the rate which is 1000 times less than the balance of your bankroll. This will help you spend more hours playing and will be able to recoup.
  • The maximum bet: Do not try your luck playing at the highest rate. It is better to save your credits.
  • Free games: The frequency of launching of free spins mode depends on the size of the bet. If you want to get good rewards, then play at the rate of 10 or 20 coins.
  • Bonus round: Special glasses give certain combinations of symbols. The bigger the bet, the more points you will get. If you want to pursue a bonus game, then play at high rates so that you can win the maximum prize in the gaming machine.
  • The length of the session: You must spend the maximum amount of time in the game process if you want to win more. It is desirable to make at least 500 spins. The slot has a long betting cycle, so be patient and wait for the turn of the prize spins to begin.
  • Restrictions on bankroll: Many experienced gamblers advise you that if you lose 30% of your deposit, you need to pause. And if you get a big prize, take a break, but much more than in the first case.

Important tips to remember!

  • Bonuses influenced the percentage of the return in the slot. You can get fewer payments in the main game and disrupt the maximum prize during the time of the bonus options. Or everything can be the other way around.
  • The bet rate affects wins not only in the main game but in the time of the bonus rounds.
  • On the drums, there are often more low-paid symbols combinations. Pictures with large coefficients are rare.
  • The risk play has some limits, which depend on the size of the bet and win.
  • Do not play at high rates to avoid a negative account balance.
  • Free spins run every 100-200 spins, and the bonus game is somewhat less frequent. But the coolest prizes can be won in free rounds.

You can play at Magic Princess slot in following Novomatic casinos

  • The bonus money at Quasar casino does not impose any restrictions on the maximum bet and can be used in any Novomatic slots.
  • Win in Magic Princess Slot machine with Casumo casino and withdraw funds using bank transfer without restrictions.

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