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City Club Casino scammers

City club casino scam
This article describes the history of my contact with fraudulent casino City Club. As a result, I lost about $ 10,000. A complete and detailed history of the relationship of the error. Casino City club does not pay money to their players. Read on and do not fall for tricks fraudsters.

Fraudsters from City Club of spam email databases

This story happened to me about 5 years ago when I discovered places under the guise of Playtech. I do not remember how I found this place. What if I came with proposal spam huge 400% deposit bonus, then I somehow stumbled upon them in Google. Similarly, it was spam. Where, interestingly, they found my email address. As a result of exploring the city club of liars, I lost about $ 10,000 since my win was not paid.

Before that, I was playing in a casino lotto py, and slot machines by Playtech made me a nice impression. Beautifully-drawn symbols with complex bonus games and free spins. At that time, I was a freshman, and put a check on compliance with terms and conditions, without even opening them.

Mistake number one: always need to carefully read the complete terms and conditions of the casino before you deposit (what is Terms and conditions).

Site Design casino City club

City club casino website
The shell itself casino also impressed. My slow internet then had to taste downloadable application for which uploading data was almost not needed. Once a customer, I began to understand that there is something - opens a window with a chat in which, addressing me by name, polite girl (presumably, that the girl) named Anny reports that very happy to see me casino and wondered if she could do something to help make my stay in their institution even more enjoyable. "That is the level!" - I thought.

My English was not very good, but my knowledge of how to find them online translator enough. It made me communion with Anny on a bonus of 400% up to $ 600. Upon learning that the wager is 20x, I was delighted and prepared to make a deposit. Later it became clear that the claims were not in bonus money, and to the amount of the bonus + deposit.

Mistake number two: you should always carefully to search for information about the wager requirements for the bonus. And it is important to look not only factor wager, but also what it is used. Often casinos put requirements on the amount of the bonus + deposit. In this case, with the bonus wagering, more than 20x should not take at all.

Anny waited patiently until I make a deposit to be assessed once the bonus and I wish them luck. After making a deposit, I received a bonus of 400% on my bill was $ 750. I lost them. At that time, when I closed the client, fraudulent Casino City Club on my account was 25 cents.

Mistake number three: never leave to his credit any money, if they took the bonus, which was wagering requirements (what the wager).

Bonus and wagering

Bonus and wagering
I was somewhat disappointed, but not much more. A few hours later, I received an offer from the reload bonus of 200%, and I did re-deposit. Deposit the $ 300 bonus with 200% I started playing. I won almost $ 20,000, and my happiness knew no bounds. However, I could not figure out where I can see the progress of wagering requirements for the current bonus. With this question, I contact support. Friendly Mark was somewhat concerned about the situation.

He said I had to wager $ 15,000 (from $ 12,000 wager on deposit with a 200% bonus, it turned out that the casino of the amount considered 20x bonus + deposit), and $ 14,000 for the last deposit of 400% (from 20x wager on the amount of bonus + deposit). In general, these twenty thousand I lost. And in the course of the game, intuitively knowing that I have played, or almost played these huge demands. I re-wrote in support of fraudulent casino city club and went on to play for high stakes - support was too busy to tell me the rest of wager up the moment when I lost everything. After that, Mark said that the wagering already played. Thank you - I have an account already 0. At this time, $ 0.00.

A third approach to the fraudsters from city club or God loves a trinity

About a week I mourned his loss. Also, being a man that never resign and felt that this casino you can win, I made the third deposit of $ 500 and received a $ 1,000 bonus. Need to play a $ 30,000 wager. This time I played it safe, constantly asking support services, as I left to play.

As a result, at the time when the wager was recaptured on my account sported an amount of $ 1,500. "What is not bad at all - I thought. A few hours of the game to earn $ 1000. This is displayed for the win and then began a candid circus. I'm trying to order $ 1500 - the system tells me that on account of 1,000 dollars in bonus money that you cannot deduce. Why should I withdraw $ 500, which I introduced to the game? Support tells me that you cannot withdraw the bonus money and they are created just for the game. At first, I was not very upset.

I started playing. Realising that the wagering requirements are not, I did high stakes, but lost. When the account remains $ 500, I decided that I'll order a conclusion, and then reintroduced to the casino again and got a bonus. But, as it turned out, the first is always written off my own money, and only then the bonus. In general, the money I lost too.

Player's comments about cheating at the casino City Club

Players Review
This section will be posted letters that were sent to us players, using the form "contact us" or just sent an email to If you want to tell us and warn other players about the dangers, send information that should be placed using the form "contact us". You can find it at the bottom of any page. The review will be posted after being moderated. Player's comments about cheating in the casino city club:

  • "Hello, I want to share my story of the game in the casino city club. I made a deposit of $ 70 and received a bonus of around 90 dollars, and I brought your account right up to $ 5,000. Then requested payment, in my opinion at $ 500 in three days the amount returned to my account except for the size of the bonus. In support, service told me that I need to clear this bonus and make bets on the $ 1,500. I did 1700, but the amount in my account not much diminished (something I won). Leaving 4,500 thousand, I decided that enough and put 500 on payment. We asked to send documents - sent - waited a week. I go to the casino, and on account of 0., the mail came to a letter that I had broken one or few rules casino to pay my bill and refused cancelled (because one or more of and what I do not understand). Reported that return me my two deposits. In a word - crooks. A photograph of the player's account, you see to the right (click on the image to enlarge it). "

Where to apply their knowledge of the fraudulent activities Casino City Club

We hope that we were able to warn you of the game in City club. We offer the fair game in any of the online casinos presented on our site. Table games and slot machines of this manufacturer are different realistic gameplay and an honest RNG (random number generator), which provides a real opportunity to win money.

Where to play?

  • If you want to be calm for your withdrawals, you need to choose any of the casinos presented on our site. We highly recommend playing at Fastpay, where you will receive your winnings super-fast (1-5 minutes).

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