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How to win at Ho Ho Ho

How to win at Ho Ho Ho video slotWould you like to be among the holiday fuss, lights, candies, delicious dishes and a lot of presents? You can do this right now even in summer without cooking, wasting your money and so on. Because holidays are not in winter, they are in our souls and hearts. New Year is a beautiful holiday. There are miracles in it. Santa Claus comes to visit every child, every adult and even animal. This day is wonderful every year.

And every family and even cats are being waited for many gifts. Except for the festive mood, you can get a lot of awards, money and bonuses. How to win at Ho Ho ho slot with the maximum number of coins, we will tell you in this article. The most popular and profitable strategies are detailed below. They will help to increase the chances of winning many times. Our tester left a few recommendations which are useful. All of them will also positively influence the number of winning combinations that will be formed in the real game. Do not miss the opportunity to win more by using simple methods and strategies.

Personal testers opinion

“The holiday is coming”. We are sure that you watched the Coca-Cola advertisement and its famous song. I adore playing this slot even in summer, and it is a great pleasure to listen to Santa Clause`s ho ho ho. In my opinion, in this game, the main task is not to break the jackpot, but to enjoy the game process and wait for the winter holidays. Frankly speaking, it is possible to win a lot of coins, and I will tell you about it. So, before you launch the reels of the online slot, you should choose the optimal bet.

I advise you to play at a bet of 37.50 coins. After long hours of testing, I concluded that this amount is the most profitable because of the positive balance of the bankroll remains, and more prizes are awarded. Regarding the free spins mode, there are several tips, and you need to wait for it, it will recoup. And you can increase the frequency of activating free games with a bet. Putting a minimum of coins on the spin is necessary. Follow these simple tips on how to win at the Ho Ho ho slot machine, and you will be lucky. And on your side will be a holiday, believe in your luck.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from the testing team)

  • Volatility is 4,63 out of 20 (from low to average).
  • Cycle length is from short to average.
  • The rating of the slot machine for the wagering is 6,14 out of 10.
  • The frequency of falling of the bonus is statistically, every 141st spin (0,71%).
  • Distribution of the winnings is 70% in the usual spins and 30% in the bonus feature.
  • The maximum payout during the tests was 121x.
  • The average winning from the bonus was 19x.
  • RTP of 95,88% does not allow getting a positive mathematical expectation at the casino.

Secrets of the slot machine

  • Choose the bet. Among the large range of bets, you will need to choose the middle one. In this case, set the value of one coin at the maximum mark. The optimal stakes are from 15 to 45 coins. They allow you to win more coins.
  • Free Spins. The frequency of activation of free spins depends on the bet. The less you put, the more often they are activated. But you should remember that the size of the stake influences your winnings. You can choose the best option and enjoy the game process.
  • Risk game. Doubling the last winnings, you should do only if the prize is less than three current bets, but whether to increase the larger prizes, you will need to decide this. The probability of winning is 50%.
  • Consider the account of the payment limits. While you receive a big winning, which is 20% higher than the current limit, you should make a short pause or reduce the bet. Also, you need to note that after a round of free games you have to stop. After all, in most cases, the slot ceases to give large prize awards.
  • Constraints on the number of lost bets. You will not play any more if you lose more than 1/3 of the coins that were on your account. After all, if you return all the bets, it will be even more difficult. It is better to stop and start the game process later. Only in this way, it will be possible to return more awards.
  • More spins. In one game session, you can make a large number of launching reels. The main thing is to make the maximum number of bets. And it is necessary to consider all constraints. If you reach all the limits, you will need to stop.
  • Remember that the strategy of secrets of Ho Ho ho slot machine and tips of the tester will work more efficiently, if you use them together, simultaneously.

Microgaming casinos

  • The slot machines from Microgaming company are presented in Play Fortuna casino.
  • Bonus up to €200 is received by each client of Energy casino, who deposit to account for the second time.

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