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How to win at Steam Tower

How to win at Steam TowerMost players choose this or that slot first for an exciting plot and the availability of bonus options. But the search for the cherished winning strategy often puts them in a desperate situation. In this article, we will share with you the valuable information that the testers provided us after making tens of thousands of spins, both in the demonstration mode and in the real money. You will learn how to win at Steam Tower slot when you carefully read the article.

In this slot, Netent is trying for a new niche. To launch the bonus round (the free games with a progressive multiplier), the emergence of the wild symbol (image of the hero of the slot) must appear in full growth (for the whole reel). After him, the same model uses Dracula, with the only difference that in Dracula you need to catch two such symbols at the same time. In the main game a small number of lines and the rare coincidences of symbols. The purpose of the bonus is to get to the last (14th) floor.

The plot line of this slot is devoted to the love story. The action in Steam Tower slot machine takes place on a high steam tower, where on the 16th floor a girl is hidden, who languishes in captivity of the evil dragon. The main symbols of the slot machine are the dragon's eye, the high tower, the main characters of the story, weapons. In the game process, fight in the name of love and honour, and you will be generously rewarded with the excellent money prizes! The wonderful game options, the original and touching plotline, the stylish interface will not leave indifferent any user. The musical accompaniment is perfectly suitable for the main plot of the game. The slot will give you moments of joy, a good mood, guaranteed to distract you from everyday routine and problems and give you the opportunity to make good money.

Personal testers opinion

During testing in free mode, the slot machine immediately showed how it was configured. I advise you to change the value of the bets during the demo game. The frequency falls out of winnings, and their value is not large. Even with a minimum bet, you can easily go into a negative balance. For the several sessions of 200 spins each, the balance fell by € 20 at a stake of 15 cents. Realise the potential of a slot is possible only at a very long distance, suggesting the availability of a good supply of money in your account. I did not manage to get above the 7th floor in the bonus game. You should note that bonus games drop out often. I left the neutral recommendations for playing for the real money.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)


This slot clearly shows at what a bet it "wants to play." If you identify the bet at which you often get the free games, you will continue playing it for her. The waviness of the winnings will help you easily win the bonus or increase the balance. If the slot machine does not give winnings, then you will not try to go through the whole cycle. In my opinion, for you, it can be expensive. You should learn the secrets of Steam Tower slot and test its mood for free in the demo mode. Change the value of the bet, after identifying with what frequency are launched the free spins. This will allow you to play a bonus round for the higher amounts.

Strategy of а game

This game can show your character, and maybe to please a nice ringing of coins. Therefore, we do not recommend going for a winning, relying solely on a bit of luck. Otherwise, you will be left with an empty balance. As for me, take a little time to read our practical tips and understand how to win at Steam Tower slot and choose the right strategy.

  • Undoubtedly, to start an acquaintance with the game, it is only necessary for the demo mode. Choose the optimal size of the bet and only then risk using the real means.
  • By changing the value of the bet and the nominal of the coin, you can achieve good results.
  • Since the slot did not seem to us generous and tended to please the winnings during the bonus round, we recommend that you play with the small bets.
  • The high dispersion should not mislead you. Most of the main game you dedicate to that with minimal losses get to the bonus ascent of the tower. Pay attention to this moment.
  • The most regular winnings happened to us at a bet of 25 cents or € 1.5.
  • The main task in this game is to get 10 free spins with an increasing multiplier.
  • The high percentage of payouts claimed by the manufacturer is achieved solely through a bonus round and the winnings that have fallen out in it.
  • The good news is that you can activate the free spins by spending about 50-75 rounds. Of course, this figure is approximate, and it will not always be within these limits.
  • We liked the important role of the wild symbol during the free spins, use its opportunities to get the additional spins.
  • Of course, we wanted to feel like heroes and climbing to the top to defeat the dragon, having received a multiplier of x7 and 1000 coins for this. In most cases, the climb to the tower ended at the level of 6-9 floors.
  • Nevertheless, it allowed us to win up to 50 total bets, which is not a very generous slot machine is already a good indicator. But in most cases, we completed free spins with x20, x10 or x5 multiple wins.
  • In our opinion, Steam Tower slot is suitable for casual players or beginners. The fact is that you will not be able to win much here, just like losing if you make the small bets. This is ideal for conservative players.

Tips and recommendation for the bonuses games

As a bonus function, the free spins are used adapted for the thematic game. Activated 10 the starting free spins landing at least one stacked Wild Sign with the image of the protagonist. The further events will occur without your participation, so make yourself comfortable to monitor to control what is happening on the slot reels. The higher you get to climb the tower; the steeper will be the prize. Also, the harpoon symbol will provide you with significant help during the bonus spins. For each of his appearance, two additional spins are assumed.

To count on something interesting, we had to play in the bonus round several times. Only then, there is a chance to rejoice at a conventionally good victory. We got Big Win at € 21, and the final winning was € 29.38, playing at a bet of 30 cents. By the way, we managed to get to the 9th floor. We conquered the top peak immediately after the next two bonus rounds, won 2000 coins, continued free spins and in the end were with a win of € 401. During this time, we got Big Win three times. We recommend that you activate from three to five times the free spins in one game session. If you managed to get a good victory, then you will immediately finish the game.

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