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How to win at Sparks

How to win at SparksThe main task that faces on you is: “when you start the game and search for information and potential strategies that could help you to win”. To find such information is very difficult to draw any conclusions about how to win at Sparks slot is possible only after a long test period, not just wrappers, but it is real money. The mathematical expectation of winning is the least significant factor in the tactics of the game. All this will be discussed in our material.

Please note that Sparks slot machine is in a group of slots (as well as Space Wars and Starburst) where there is no bonus game. This slot introduces the idea of the unfolding of wild symbols, which are cloned on a different drum, forming a situation for a big win. It is important to note that a big win in these slots is only possible with a constant filling of the prize fund (that is if a slot game is popular among players). Otherwise playing them is not profitable.

Personal testers opinion

The game makes an ambiguous impression. Beautiful graphics and a colourful design follow a rather long cycle of return. During the testing often left out when Sparks slot machine stubbornly refused to share the coins. But if he decided to do it, the payoff can be great. This indicator is very similar to the Wish Master. The explicit recommendations about how to win at Sparks slot machine is difficult to give. You might be able to find their magic key to its treasure but to do this, carefully drive the slot machine in test mode and stock up on a sufficient number of coins. I would not recommend playing at this slot for real money.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)


Play small stakes relative to your balance. We recommend 1/500 of your balance in the casino.

Secrets of the slot machine

  • During the game in demo mode, the slot was not generous.
  • Change the coin value and bet level didn't have any influence on the machine.
  • Try to play with the mix. First, do a few rotations when forming winning combinations from left to the right, and then change the direction.
  • A small amount of options narrows the space for a manoeuvre.
  • Due to the high dispersion, you can be a risk to play at medium stakes, but then your bankroll should be solid.
  • Relatively large winnings can be prepared with the participation of the wild symbol, but once a combination to play, go for the lowest rate of 20 cents up to a point.
  • The wild symbol takes 10-20 spins on the next appearance of the expanding.

You can play at Sparks slot in following the Netent casino

Since Starks slot machine enjoys unprecedented demand among the visitors of the casino, almost in each of them you can play it and check how our information was accurate:

  • Welcome bonus of 70 000 and 320 free spins for the first three deposit offers casino RioBet;

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