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How to win at Wonky Wabbits

How to win at Wonky WabbitsThe innovative slots can bring you more winnings. Therefore, you should know how to win at Wonky Wabbits slot using the special strategies. We want to please you, experts of our portal described all the most effective methods and revealed the secrets that are hidden in this game.

At first, you should read this article carefully and apply the received knowledge in the real game process. We are sure that luck will not turn away from you, but, on the contrary, it will help to get the maximum of awards. We also published feedback on one of the testers who has already tested these strategies. His recommendations will also be useful for you and lead to victory.

The slot is devoted to the theme of vegetables. The universal plot of the game will suit the most diverse audience of users. The game takes place on a green glade, planted with vegetables, where butterflies are always flying, and the main symbols rabbits are running. They are always starving and want to eat something from the vegetables. You must try to harvest and feed the rabbits. The developers have created a bright and beautiful design of the slot so that you will remain very pleased. Wonky Wabbits slot machine is made in a cartoon style. During the game, each user can enjoy an excellent musical accompaniment. The slot will give every player an excellent opportunity to have a good time and get good money prizes.

Probabilities of winning and bonus, declared by the provider

  • In the slot machine, the probability of catching any pay combination of symbols is 23%. It means that out of 100 spins, 23 are necessary will be profitable. Wild symbol also falls out often - from 100 spins, 9-10 launches will bring winnings with the participation of Wild.
  • The theoretical return of made bets is 96.5%, this is a good indicator, which allows the player to hope for a quick receipt of large payments. By the way, the maximum reward for one spin is 390,000 coins. Toe win it will be difficult, considering all the features of the slot, but it is quite real.

Personal testers opinion

The game has a long cycle of the return of made bets and high volatility. This means that behind the spin of the reels will have to spend a long time. But everything depends on the bet and limits you have chosen. I strongly recommend that you use slightly larger restrictions than those specified in the secrets of the slot. This is primarily because the recommended limits in the material, I suppose low. The game session ends faster when you use them.

As for choosing a bet, I advise you to do the following. Choose one bet which, in sizes below the average. Next, you can make the maximum number of spins at stake. But keep in mind that if the slot does not give out winnings for 50 spins, it will be better to stop. The main secrets of the Wonky Wabbits slot machine are lurking in a wild symbol. Exactly the wild symbol will bring the largest rewards. You can influence this sign with the help of a bet. If it is small, the Wild symbol will appear more often. While playing at the highest stakes, the slot gives out a wild symbol much less often. So, I wish you good luck and successful completion of the game process.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Secrets of the slot machine

Now it is time to get detailed information from our testers, not just, how to win at Wonky Wabbits slot machine, but also to learn more about some of the secrets of this game.

  • Start the game, first of all, with testing the slot machine in free mode and choosing the ideal bet for you, especially since the results for testing for virtual coins and the real money turned out to be identical.
  • In the course of the game, making the maximum bets theoretically you can become the owner of winning of 390,000 coins, but the probability of such an event is extremely small.
  • We advise you to use the lower bets, which are 500 times less than the amount you have on your account. This tactic allows you to secure your bankroll and it usually brings successful results.
  • You should remember that due to the long cycle of the return of made bets, the game session will take a long time and you will need to make a large number of spins of the reels.
  • At the beginning of the basic game, the slot will take more than giving. But as you progress, there will begin to be observed the positive dynamics. A characteristic feature can be a long chain of empty spins.
  • In the main round of the game, the good payouts can give pay combinations of high-paying symbols, but it does not happen very often. However, all the winnings are fixed in two directions thereby increasing your chances of winning in each spin.
  • You will not be able to increase your budget quickly. The slot machine is slow, and it does not hurry to part with coins. My advice to you is to be patient and then you will be able to get several mega-wins.
  • A base game can in some cases bring you payouts up to x100 total bets.
  • We recommend concentrating your attention on a wild symbol, which is not only the most profitable symbol but also important. Exactly on it the main game component of this slot is built so here there are no other bonus options.
  • During the testing, we noticed one regularity. The lower your bet, the more often a wild symbol will appear. Accordingly, the strategy is to play at low stakes and more often activate the bonus function.
  • We advise you to play as long as possible for the chosen bet size, and you do not change it. The more will be made at such a spin bet, and the more advantageous over time will begin to form the pay combinations.
  • Setting restrictions for the game account will help you avoid losing.
  • Use a limit that applies to the maximum payout.
  • We recommend that you spin until you win a jackpot, which will increase your balance from 30% or more.
  • If during the game you lose more than 25% of the starting amount, you should immediately stop the game.
  • Playing for a while on the minimum amount, we managed to win up to x47 total bets.
  • So often, we received from 30 to 50 victories in a relatively short period.
  • The maximum number of wild symbols that we received initially on the screen was three. Thus, due to duplication with us, they became six, that brought us enough coins.
  • Playing € 6 per round, we put two wild symbols on the reels and eventually got four. Our winning was at the same time € 137, and the balance became immediately positive. And after 30 more spins, we again had four WILD symbols, which it has already brought Super Big Win to € 310.
  • At least four the Wild signs almost guarantee you are getting Big Win.

Recommendations and advice

  • A small bet has a positive effect on the course of the game.
  • The frequent change of bet increases the cycle of the return.
  • While choosing the maximum bets, you should be ready for the big expenses.
  • Wild symbol brings the most significant winnings.
  • You can affect the frequency of the drop out of the wild.
  • Set limits and make more spins per game session.

Bonus functions

The game provides only one bonus function - duplication of wild symbols. It launches automatically. You can only affect the frequency of the appearance of these signs, changing the value of the bet, as we have already mentioned above.

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