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How to win at Alien Robots online slot

How to win at Alien Robots slotThe uncharted expanses of endless space and fight with aliens are one of the favourite topics of developers and gamblers. Before you go to war with robots, you need to learn how to win at Alien Robots slot. I want to share with you our observations about testing results. Similar to the fighter that is configured only to win, you have to evaluate how you can obtain a positive mathematical expectation of winning.

Personal testers opinion

This slot is very negative. Of course, maybe there is a potential of very big winning (as it cannot "eat" money all the way). I was waiting for the bonus feature during around a thousand spins it was empty (25x) at the end. Probably Alien Robots was "cold" at those moments, but I have only negative emotions regarding it. If you decide to play in this slot for real money, try to use low stakes and choose popular casinos with a big number of players (to have money in the prize pool for winning).

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

  • Alien Robots online slotVariance (volatility) in Alien Robots online slot is 7.09 from 20 (average).
  • Cycle length is average. As of me here is very hard to pass all cycle through, putting more and more money in the cold slot.
  • Wagering rating is 5.55 from 10.
  • The probability of triggering the free spins feature is (statistically) every 138th spin (0.73%).
  • The probability of hitting any win during the next spin is 39.94%. 
  • The prize pool splitting - 62% during usual spins and 38% during the free spins feature.
  • The maximum winning during testing was 403x. 
  • Average winning via the free spins feature was 49x.
  • RTP of 96.6% allows obtaining a positive mathematical expectation of winning in the online casino.

Strategies and tricks

  • During testing of Alien Robots slot in the free mode, we did not receive declared RTP of 96.6%.
  • Aliens slot showed low susceptibility to attempts of changing cycles with Spin and Maxbet.
  • Decreasing and increasing stakes did not affect the cycle of Alien Robots slot machine.
  • The maximum potential of this slot can be released during the free spins feature with expanding wilds. During usual spins, you will get big winning very rare. 
  • The bonus feature usually ended with 20x-50x, but there should be some "lucky" bonus feature with 3 expanded wilds, which will give 200x+. 

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