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How to win at Buccaneers Bay

How to win at Buccaneers Bay video slotToday you do not need to take the enemy's ship to board, but you need to read our article. It tells how to win at Buccaneers Bay slot more money and avoid losses. A team of the experienced specialists of our portal conducted a study in which they sought the answer to the most important question: "How to get more coins here?"

The long hours of searching have been crowned with success. We are happy to present to you all the best game strategies that you should use them to increase your chances of winning.

I appreciate this game very much, not only for the great winning, but also I like the plot. The pirates are bandits who sail the seas to rob ships carrying the valuable things. All pirates’ ships have got a flag called Jolly Roger. It is a black flag with skull and two white bones. When the pirates see some other ship, they attack it, got on it, kill the sailors and take all valuable things. You can arrange a rest after a hard working week - sit down at the computer and go on a cruise, to where the huge sea waves. Relax your soul from everyday life along with this slot machine!

Personal testers opinion

I was surprised by the range of bets in the slot machine. If you decide to play more, then you will choose the bets of more than 100 coins. But keep in mind that on your account there must be an amount that is in 500 times more than the stake you have chosen. I would advise you to use the lowest bets.

You will receive small and stable rewards. Therefore, it is better to follow a simple strategy and not risk once again. In the free spins feature, you can get increased three times the payout. And you can try to wait for the re-spins. You should be careful in the slot machine of the chance. Do not risk your winning more than three times in a row, since your risks of losing are increasing. As for me, you must be very careful not to risk the big prizes.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from the testing team)

  • Volatility is 6,58 out of 20 (average).
  • Cycle length is average.
  • The rating of the slot machine for the wagering is 3,65 out of 10.
  • The frequency of falling of the bonus is statistically, every 156th spin (0,64%).
  • Distribution of the winnings is 70% in the usual spins and 30% in the bonus feature.
  • The maximum payout during the tests was 269x.
  • The average winning from the bonus was 31x.
  • RTP of 95,044% does not allow getting a positive mathematical expectation at the casino.


  • Bet and stability. It is better to choose one bet and play the online slot during 200 spins. It is not necessary to change it without any need. Better set a small number of coins for the stake, since your task is to spend a maximum of time by playing. If you have a big bankroll, then you will use the high bets. But it is not recommended placing 250 coins per the spin. I believe that the risks are very high.
  • Risk game. In the usual game, after each winning spin, you can trigger the round for doubling. But do not get carried away by it. It is better to multiply the small payments and use only the game for doubling. Too small payments can be tried to be multiplied by x4 but in rare cases.
  • Free Spins. You can play at various bets and catch the free spins. They can get good awards. As for me, it should be remembered free spins are not launched frequently if your stake is maximum. We recommend choosing the best feature for playing the game, and you will be able to succeed. You can also try to trigger free spins again if the winning was small.
  • Limits and the number of spins. In one game session, you can make more than 200 spins of the reels. But the accounting of costs and winnings is mandatory. You do not have to play any more if you lose more than 1/3 of your balance or the last winning is 50% of the bankroll. This tactic helps to keep the balance of the deposit at a positive level.

NYX casinos

  • You can deposit €10 or more in TTR casino.
  • PlayFortuna casino gives a bonus for the deposit from €10.

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