How to win at Easy Slider

How to win at the Easy Slider slotThe crazy races on bikes can bring even more portions of excitement, especially if you know how to win at Easy Slider slot. You will get a good result by using our tips. Experienced testers test all of them and work.

So, do not worry, you can safely use our strategies during the gameplay and will not regret. You will increase your chances of winning several times and will be able to collect more coins.

Personal testers opinion

After testing the slot machine, I can safely say that it's better to play at low rates. This choice will allow you to spend more time on the game and avoid losses. You should remember that this slot always rewards those who make the maximum number of spins with impressive payments. As for the unique function of a wild symbol, it is better to install a slider on the first or second drum. In this case, winning combinations will be formed more often.

Always consider the possibility of winning free rounds. They have special rules so that all payments will be multiplied by two. And the size of the bet does not influence the number of prize combinations that you can get. As for the risk games, I managed to double most of my winnings, but do not risk big rewards. After all, you can lose them quickly.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Winning strategies

  • Bet per spin. A lot of the players prefer to use low stakes in this machine. But, how to win at Easy Slider is more, if the coefficients for the pay lines are small. You will get increase your winnings with the help of wild symbol, which is special in the game.
  • The special feature of the wild symbol. You should set the slider for wild symbol on the first or second reel. You should increase the number of pay lines that will be given by the machine even though there will be small multipliers. Do not chase the maximum winning by placing the maximum bet on the reel; the probability of winning is very low.
  • Free Spins. The free spins feature will help you to win more coins. So, you must wait for the activation of free spins. You cannot affect the frequency of their launch, it is impossible, but you can get big winning, especially if you put a lot of coins. After receiving a large prize, it is recommended stopping the game.
  • Risk game: The main rule for this round is not to increase the big winning. You can risk only on those payments that are lesser than the final bet. And it is also recommended avoiding the round where you can multiply the prize by x4. The probability of losing is 75%, so think carefully about whether to try.
  • Limit yourself. Before you start playing the game, set the limits first, and you must remember that losing 1/3 of your balance indicates the need to stop the game. Further bets will be meaningless and will not help you to return loss of the coins. Also, be very careful when you get a big prize. You need to take a break and think about how to use the bankroll and not lose your rewards.

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