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How to win at Jackpot Jester Wild Nudge

How to win at the Jackpot Jester Wild Nudge slotThe high RTP in the machine allows you to get more coins, but still, it is worth using unique strategies. We will talk more about how to win at Jackpot Jester Wild Nudge slot the maximum prize of 100 000 coins in this article. So, do not go away quickly, it is better to read our recommendations.

You will increase your chances of winning if you apply these tips in real gameplay. All the methods described below are tested by experts so that you can get significant rewards.

Personal testers opinion

At first glance, you might think that the slot machine is simple and gives the winnings to everyone. But I don’t think the same way. The classic online slot has some bonus features, so be sure to use different strategies here. I'll start with the recommendations that concern the size of the bet. Choose a stake that will be in 1,000 times smaller than your bankroll. You should not play big; it's better to choose the lower bets.

For example, 20 coins per spin. The Nudge feature increases the likelihood of receiving a large payment, but you cannot influence it. Everything depends only on the outcome of the spin. Super-game from Joker is triggered more often when the game is played at the highest stakes. But getting the maximum winning is difficult, so do not chase it. After all, the main thing is not the payments, but the pleasure that can be obtained from the game process. I strongly recommend that you follow the strategies described in this "How to win in Jackpot Jester Wild Nudge slot" article.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Secrets of the slot machine

  • The bet per spin: The game has two blocks with three reels on each. Choose the stake that is in 1,000 times lesser than the amount on your game account. This way, you will be able to avoid losses and earn more coins. The recommended stakes are the small; those that do not exceed 20 coins per spin. It is better not to get carried away by the maximum bets. After all, you need to spend a lot of time playing.
  • The Nudge feature: The particular function is launched quite often, but you cannot influence it. So spin the reels and wait for the slot to give out a decent prize. Once you get a big win, stop the gameplay.
  • Super-game from Joker: You can activate this bonus round at any time during the game. The only thing that should be noted is that super-game is triggered more often if you keep a continuous game process at one high stake.
  • Limits: Always remember the limitations. After all, you will not lose your payment if you take the limitations very serious. Do not continue the game process, when more than 1/3 of the game account is lost. Also, you should not play any further when you have won a big prize.

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