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How to win at Gong Xi Fa Cai

How to win at Gong Xi Fa Cai video slotDo you like China, as well as everything related to the Eastern theme? Then welcome to us, this slot`s provider is plunging us into China. You will not find anything revolutionary in this game, but there will be no complaints about the features of the functional. It is very diverse and creates an excellent chance for good victories. But if everything is so simple, then you will read the article how to win at Gong Xi Fa Cai slot.

For us, the answer is obvious, and you need to carefully look at the game process and find out if there are any pitfalls that they will help us to lower the budget in favour of the casino.

Personal testers opinion

I was very impressed with this game, although not immediately. When I first started studying it, it seemed to me that it was not capable of giving generous winning and only wasting my money. But everything changed after an extended test. I clearly understood that you cannot bet on the usual spins and have nothing to do with a limited budget. Therefore, if you do not have a serious reserve of the funds, you will not start spinning the reels.

You can grab the minimum bet of 1 coin per round, and you will be happy. Most importantly, you should try to get to free spins. The results surpassed all my expectations, the victories were different, but all allowed to go into a plus balance. Once I won for 8 free spins €2440, and in another, it was just an unrealistically steep victory are €12,475!!! So, make your conclusions. I recommend Gong Xi Fa Cai slot machine for playing for the real money.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Secrets of the slot machine

Any strategy is based on specific information. Therefore, about how to win at Gong Xi Fa Cai slot you will learn from our material presented on this page:

  • The first thing we checked is how the slot reacts to the change in the bet amount. We did not find any fundamental differences since the frequency of the pay combinations was the same. But the higher stake, the faster you can get into the round where one of the four jackpots is played;
  • We will not be mistaken if we say that the usual spins will take you into a minus, in some gaming sessions even very quickly. But we, nevertheless, had significant victories even with the minimum stake of €75 per round, for example, €225 or €370;
  • The declared percentage of the payment and average variance are achieved solely due to free spins and the various bonuses;
  • To go through the whole cycle from the beginning to end will be extremely difficult. It is long and even easy to get to the bonus round requires a lot of money costs because of the high lower limit on the stake;
  • In the game, there are four progressive jackpots, which you can win by triggering the corresponding function randomly. But while you are building a strategy only by it would be a huge mistake. Let even the smallest jackpot become a pleasant addition to the game process afterwards;
  • In our opinion, the only correct solution for this machine will be a game of €75, well, a maximum of €150. It will allow you to stay as long as possible in the game and wait for the bonus to fall not only to recoup, but it is also possible to be in a good plus;
  • To get worthy victories, you do not need to wait for free spins, the only issue is that they happen, not so often, as would like and do not cover the costs incurred earlier;
  • Be prepared for a long series of the losses during the usual spins. It used to happen that for more than a dozen spins in a row we were left with nothing;
  • To play at Gong Xi, Fa Cai slot for real money will require a solid budget. If you have limited financial resources, then you will not start the game;
  • Often, we managed to collect combinations with additional multipliers, including the highest x5. Note the effective appearance of the wild symbol, which in most cases gives the pay combination;
  • As a result of test spins, we managed to find out that with the minimum bet of €75 free spins are launched at an early stage, and in most cases, it took us up to 50 spins, a maximum of 100. The restart is carried out after a very long period, which can be different. Much longer is the case while using the stakes from €150 and above;
  • All their significant, and in some places and fantastic winning were achieved solely at the expense of free spins. You can enjoy this pleasant moment, never keep playing, after using 8 free spins;
  • We recommend using the strategies for short sessions when you play 3-4 days in a row, but stop playing right after you play the round with free spins regardless of the results obtained in it. In most cases, this allows you to get a good plus of several thousand Euro eventually.

How to use the bonus features

In the machine, there are several bonus features at once. The most important here are free spins and a thematic round in which you will compete for one of the four progressive jackpots.

Free spins become available after you collect the three symbols with the inscription Bonus. They give the start for 8 free spins. Is this much or less? When you look at the number, it will seem to you a little, but more than enough. No involvement is required here, but it should be noted that not all spins will be successful. We found that at least three times out of eight after the spin you will be left with nothing and it happens immediately, as soon as a good winning has been received. Despite this, it is free spins that are the source that will fill your wallet well.

The thematic bonus game allows you to play for the jackpot could be launched randomly and at any time. Moreover, your chances of success do not depend on the size of the made stakes. Yes, the higher it will be, the more percentage of the prize you will receive. Now we will tell you how to win. Before you open a separate window with red envelopes located there, which you need to open. During the tests, we found out the pattern. Select one of them and then open next to it. So, it happened in most cases, they are arranged in pairs. We started from the bottom row. Then they crossed to the second and took the two rightmost envelopes. As a result, our result was victorious are we received a mini jackpot of €677. But we do not exclude that you will be able to find your recipe for the victory.

IGT Casinos

From the available list of casinos on the site, I did not find where to play in this game, so in such cases, any other will be described.

  • The minimum deposit is $10 and a quick withdrawal of the winning (up to 7 hours) are offered from Energy online casino;
  • Do you want the cool bonuses? Then you will be at Riobet casino, where all newcomers will get a welcome package and 320 free spins for the first three deposits.

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