How to win at Raging Rhino

How to win at Raging Rhino video slotWould you like to try something unusual? So, welcome to the new slot. Here you can completely immerse into the atmosphere of Safari world, dangerous animals and the wild passion. Have you ever tried the trip to Safari? If no, now you can do it and try real hunting. Hunting for many men is becoming a favourite activity. Here you can show all your skills, excellent physical training and a share of luck. So, as you see, if you want something unusual, and there will be many opportunities to win, then we dare to assure you, you come to the right place. At your disposal will be enough tools that will evaluate the game to its true worth.

Now we want to tell everyone how to win at Raging Rhino slot and what features it has. Such information is almost impossible to find, so take advantage of our advice before deciding to go on a safari and meet there with a rabid rhinoceros. Do not miss your chance and Safari will impress you.

Personal testers opinion

Ranging Rhino is my favourite slot for many reasons such as a lot of the small winnings, the bonuses, the design and graphics, the appropriate musical accompaniment and free spins. The main here is that I can feel like I am going on Safari. I am always dreaming about it, that`s why I chose it by the name of the game.

I consider that the machine is one of the best among all the developments from WMS company. A wide range of the stakes makes the game accessible to any category of the users. The principal influence on the length of the cycle due to the change in the value of the bet I did not notice, so I advise you to start the small amounts up to €1.20. This range will allow you to stay in the comfort zone for a long time. My best winning was 300 coins due to free spins with their subsequent extension. In general, I would not advise playing for the real money, but if you want to do this, put the minimum amount. I am satisfied with the game, but there is so difficult to break the jackpot, maybe your luck will be on your side.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from the testing team)

  • Raging Rhino SlotVolatility is 11 out of 20 (high).
  • Cycle length is long.
  • The rating of the slot machine for the wagering is 2,01 out of 10.
  • The frequency of falling of the bonus is statistically, every 164th spin (0,61%).
  • Distribution of the winnings is 70% in the usual spins and 30% in the bonus feature.
  • The maximum payout during the tests was 874x.
  • The average winning from the bonus was 58x.
  • RTP of 95,9% does not allow getting a positive mathematical expectation at the casino.

Secrets of the slot machine

To determine the right strategy that will lead you to great victories is not an easy task. This requires specific skills to understand how to win at this slot machine. We will address this issue right now:

  • So let's start with the fact that the game excellently shows itself in the demonstration mode, which you can use to get acquainted with the slot machine;
  • If you want to influence the cycle of the slot, you will need to use the advantage of the coins and their number for this, but the idea with the buttons Spin and Max Bet is better left until better times;
  • Now it is time to get acquainted with what the usual spins offers us. And in the first place – it is 6 reels and 4 rows of symbols, as well as 4,096 ways to collect the pay line. Sometimes we had significant winnings;
  • It took us some time to love this game because at once it did not look friendly, capable of giving generous payment;
  • We received the small winnings in the usual spins. Nothing special in fact, but enough to get the final value for the money and continue the game session without much damage to their finances;
  • The primary strategy is to trigger free spins, and then you can perform and restart them again. In nine out of ten cases, our winning did not exceed x10 times the size of the stake we made. Moreover, we never received free spins from them;
  • The best result was 45 bonus spins that brought us an increase in the bet of 417 times!
  • Your chances for free spins are greatly increased by adding wild symbols and the multipliers. One good round will make your wallet, and you will not forget about Raging Rhino;
  • A maximum number of free spins that can be obtained is 50. But we have not reached this figure before. On average, we always had the minimum number of them at the start (8), but in the future we managed to increase this figure, reaching once to 45 spins;
  • Getting free spins is not a difficult task, and the additional multipliers are used during it, and there can please a large number of coins;
  • Several decent winning will alternate with periods while you will not win anything. To painlessly sit out these gaps, you need to have a stock of several hundred spins on your balance;
  • Be prepared for the fact that at first you will quickly lose up to €100 and it is at the low bets. You can return the lost funds by triggering free spins, but not always it is possible to get a plus.

How to use the bonus features

In the slot machine, there is no thematic bonus game, and the available prize functions do not require your direct participation in them. And we will say a few words about free spins, do not worry that you will get, as a rule, 8 bonus spins. Just one appearance of two scatters and you will have 5 additional spins. For the three symbols of the spread, 8 additional spins are plus, and so on.

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