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How to win at Joker Millions

How to win at the Joker Millions slotWhen you spin the reels of this game, then immediately caught yourself at thoughts that this machine is such a good old classic. But as soon as you dive into the process, it turns out that it`s a real mix. And there isn`t an abundance of different features, the time what you will spend on this machine will not be wasted.

It remains only to learn how to win at Joker Millions slot by using its strengths and weaknesses, and a clearly defined the strategy. Our article devoted to this problem, which is based on the conclusions of long testing.

Personal testers opinion

The game is nothing like a real classic with some fresh options. Generally speaking, I liked this game. But the amount of time it takes to spin this piece of metal on five of jokers requires incredible patience and persistence. The maximum that I collected during this round is 8 jokers, and it`s possible you`ll get lucky. The definitive guidance I will not give, except the one. Who have a small budget you can play another slot! Here you do nothing!

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from the testing team)

Strategy of the winning

Even in such a simple machine, at first sight, you can do nothing without a specific strategy of the game. Otherwise, the chances at the success and the minimal losses will be minimal. Therefore, we recommend carefully reading the information below, which will help you to know how to win at Joker Millions slot and it is possible we will soon read in the news that you became a next millionaire hitting the jackpot:

  • Be sure to play to test the slot in the demo mode;
  • The low percentage of return and low multipliers even by five the same images define unambiguous tactics – only minimum bets;
  • Your main task it's collecting on each reel one joker for triggering re-spins round in which you can grab the jackpot;
  • A definite advantage is an ability to play at the lowest bets and also count on the jackpot;
  • Get in the main game, and exceed the amount of the bet is only one way, maximum filling in all the reels. However, with this feature, you will have a great chance to get a good profit;
  • We don't know why, but most often we'd have a winning combination with watermelon and lemon;
  • After a series of the winnings, starts the losing line, which can be quite long; otherwise, you accumulate the jackpot;
  • To achieve a reasonable result is possible only in a very long way, so for passing it, you should use a large number of coins on the account.

How to use bonus features

We will not give you any golden rules or secret tips for using the bonus features. We are not such greedy. This slot machine is rich for re-spins after each successful spin, which doesn`t require our participation. We must rely on lady luck and the expectation of the winning. When you can fill in the game board with 15 identical symbols at the successful coincidence of circumstances, it is possible that your prize will increase by 300 times.

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