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How to win at Aliens online slot

How to win at Aliens online slot
On this page, you can find information that will help to increase your chances of hitting a big win. Given the above data, you will learn how to win at Aliens slot.  We did about a million test spins to get objective data. About what happened, you can learn in this article. And, while, following the below link, you can read the detailed description of the slot machine:

Aliens slot was removed from the list of Netent for an unknown reason. Maybe the players found a bug that could be used for winning. In any case, the date of return in the list is unknown.

Probabilities of winning and the bonus feature declared by Netent

  • If you know the probability of triggering the bonus feature, you can easily choose the best stakes, depending on your current balance. RTP (return to player percentage) is 96.4%. During usual spins, 40.6% of the whole fund is paid. During the bonus feature at 47.8%. The rest 8% of all funds saved for Queen of hive feature.
  • The probability of triggering the bonus feature is 2.499%. It means that (statistically) every 40th spin will trigger the bonus feature. The probability of triggering the 2nd round of the bonus feature (Queen of the hive) is 0.194%. Note, that if your statistical numbers are quite different from this data - it is better to quit this slot. 
  • During the usual spins, the hit probability is 24.8%.
  • The total maximum winning is 572,600 coins.

Tester's opinion about Aliens online slot

Aliens slot machine is a classic example of a slot with a stretch cycle. Every time the cycle ends, and in the big winning, you get your money back (around 88%). In the next attempt, the slot will take more spins to end the cycle. This slot machine was recognised as "the game of the year" in 2014, not only for high-quality graphics but also for program's settings. In sum, if you are lucky enough to hit a big win at Aliens slot, then you will come back for it again and again. Here you can quickly understand that in which part of the cycle you are now. Carefully look at the bonus triggering counter. If several times in a row you lose the winning at the stage of remaining 2-3 symbols before the bonus triggering (the counter is returned to the beginning), so it's useless to play longer, kiss you luck and choose other game.

Strategy at the slot

Below we describe the hints and tricks that can be used in Aliens slot machine:

  • This strategy will give a negative effect, as the slot machine did not show any sensitivity to changing cycles with the help of spin and max bet.
  • Our observations show that it's much harder to win with €7.5 and €15 stakes per spin. For unknown reasons, the winning amount and frequency were reduced at these stakes.
  • Aliens slot often took a big winning back during next 500 spins.
  • The Aliens online slot showed high sensitivity to testing in free mode.

The impact of betting on the probability of winning

Bonus feature
I think that in Aliens slot machine, NetEnt developers applied not only an innovative design and game process but also made the program a bit smarter. Do not be surprised if this game has the opportunity to self-learn, based on collected data from the players. It's likely that the bug laid in these subtle settings, therefore the slot was removed from the list in 2019.

I will try to explain

We did not find any special differences in cycles during the testing process, while we were playing at low stakes in free mode. But when the stakes are raised, the situation changed. If you're increasing total stake per spin, then you just starting a new cycle from the very beginning (first 30-100 spins slots take your money, then begins the usual cycle)

From the other hand, some players using the following strategy: they open Aliens slot and play at minimum stake, looking at its behaviour. If machine "plays well" (bonuses, big winnings etc.), players switch on to normal stakes and gamble further. If the slot is taking money away without any action - players miss this current session. In the end: if you decide to play larger than usual (for example increasing from €2 to €15), it's better to open a new account in a new casino and start with €15 or more.

Recommended stakes

  • In the current cycle, "to increase the stakes" Aliens slot responded especially negatively. For example, when you are playing by €1.5 per spin and then increasing the bet to €7.5, the RTP (return to player percentage) was only 75% for 10, 000 spins! Try to avoid these stakes.
  • If you decide to raise the stake, be prepared to lengthen of the cycle. For example, we always had 100 the total stakes on the account balance. Betting in €1 and had €100 on the account balance. After rising to €10 per spin, you need to increase the account balance to €1,000.

Make a pause after a big winning

You do not need to consider this game as a win-win. At the beginning of every new cycle, there is an excellent probability of empty spins series without any bonus features. Testing a slot in the free game mode is a great way to check the "mood" of the slot machine.

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