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The Hypothesis of Big Fake – The Second Part:

The hypothesis of big fake the second part
Setting up casinos and slots

So, I suppose the majority of our readers are already aware of the first article where we gave food for thought having assumed that setting up a slot machine is absolutely different from what is being heavily instilled and presented. That theory was based on the lack of generators of random numbers ( further we will refer to it as RNG) and slot devices which work under the principle of the pre-registered script. In the framework of this theory we also shortly considered the questions regarding RTP, the honesty of the game as for gamers and casino as well as many other issues. 

In the second part, we are going to dive more deeply into the study of the production of popular developers and try to figure out their device of game slots, relying on the big fake theory. Also, we will take up the following not least important issues:

  • I highly recommend reading the following useful articles about random numbers generator in Net Entertainment
  • Here you will find out what is the percentage of slots returns and which slot machines pay the most

Previously I mentioned the examples that...

Slots hold certain features

for those of you who haven’t read it, I will remind you:

  • Identity in the behaviour of game slot in different casinos

We were talking about last time that, for example, Drive Multiplier Mayhem slot gives a clear number of combinations (namely 15), where Scatter symbols fall on the 2nd and 3rd reels with the fourth scroll and an attempt to get the third scatter. And then it gives out a bonus game with a small win and then a bonus game with collecting all the "nitro" and playing at the maximum level. Similar examples can be given for dozens of other slots, for example, similar behaviour was observed in Scruffy Duck, certain patterns in Secrets of ChristmasCopy Cats slots, and many others. The most obvious manifestation of scenarios in NetEnt slots was observed in  Space Wars, which can be generally put in a separate topic for discussion. In Extra Chill slot machine from Big Time Gaming, for example, you can observe a completely identical "script" (scenario) for playing the bonus wheel (increasing the number of free spins when activating the bonus game) in various casinos.

Similar "repeated" scenarios were observed not only for NetEnt slots, but also for such providers as Amatic, Endorphina, Red Tiger, Blueprint, and other developers.

Conclusion: why is that possible for gamers to still monitor the identity in the behaviour of game slots in different casinos? This is pretty simple - the randomness being generated by RNG doesn’t simply exist but what exists is the scenario which is previously determined ( in scripts). Observation of such identities just tells us that you were “lucky” to get in different casinos on the same or similar sequence of game combinations generated by RNG.

  • Slot casino “on return”

In this case, we were talking about when someone on the net  (or streamers) wins money and everyone seeks to play this slot right away, really thinking that if the slot is now giving out winnings to everyone, i.e. then it is "on the return.". And now let's have our own game sessions. Many people have probably seen the situation when you open different casinos and slots in two browsers at the same time, set the same bet and see completely different outcomes. So, in one of the casinos for 500 spins, there is no bonus and the balance is completely reset whereas in another the situation is quite the opposite.

Conclusion: The idea of “slot casino on return”  for a large number of players based on this theory cannot just exist as each gamer falls into its own part of the script. And “identity” in the view of win is nothing more than mere coincidence. RTP with the pool of slot machines or just the casino has nothing to do with it.

  • Determination of the number of free spins/winnings before the end of the bonus-game/completing the bonus game

Dragons Fire Megaways slot
I guess many of you know that the number of winnings can be viewed in the page code before the end of the spin. And here everything is simple, the response from the server in the form of code comes earlier than the "picture" – and this is quite normal. But personally, I was puzzled by something else, namely, what was described in the first part of the article: in slots from the developer Red Tiger (and not only), you can observe situations when a player gets spins for free. During the stage of choosing several sectors aimed at determining the number of spins (actually, even before the selection itself), the slot already shows the balance taking into account the winnings. This means that your actions do not change anything at all, and you can, in fact, select any sector as the slot has already taken into account in advance the number of spins, and combinations, and, accordingly, what winnings to give out.

Conclusion: The whole game is nothing more than a predefined scenario of a certain number of spins and winning "in advance". Therefore, the number of free spins and winnings is determined beforehand.

We can add the following from new observations:

  • The lack of dependence of the given combination from the size of the bet and pool of slots and casinos

I have seen repeatedly (including on the Internet) that gamers manage to get the bonus-game with a different number of bonus-functions and the number of spins. And at the same time with different winning combinations during free spins, but with identical winnings in the ratio of winnings to the bet (X). It is quite possible to eliminate a simple coincidence as the maximum win value was x 1461, despite the fact that the slot is low-dispersion and a priori is rarely able to give out a win of this value, and especially not taking into account identical to one. 

Conclusion: in my opinion, this is a good proof of the big fake hypothesis, which is based on segments with winnings scattered on them in the values of X. Moreover, it perfectly proves that winning combinations do not depend on the bet and "kills" such concepts as the pool of the slot machine and a casino.

  • Various behaviours of slots in casinos that have access to the platform (for example SoftSwiss) and the casino with direct access to the provider.

Above I mentioned the examples that slot machines are identical and their behaviour doesn’t differ as well from the developers of slot machines, but now I am going to talk about the opposite to it. Specifically that the same slot machines from some developers have absolutely different behaviour in various casinos. In the article named “how to win slot games? The secrets of slot machines” I provided a couple of such examples. Anyways, for those of you who didn’t read it, I will remind you shortly:

Despite the fact that this slot machine has common features in both casinos (in the form of frequent activation of the bonus game, preferential issuance of the same bonus game that was issued first, as well as minimal winnings in bonus games and low, almost unrealizable potential of the slot), there are a number of distinctive features. These features include:

  • Gunslingers bonus game: despite dozens of gaming sessions and thousands of spins, I didn’t ever been able to see a multiplayer more than X25 (the issue of a winning combination is not taken into account) with the activation of this bonus at Play Fortuna, unlike Fastpay and TTR, where X30 multiplayer is activated very often.
  • The bonus game Play Poker. If we do a comparative analysis of this type of bonus game, I can say that in Fastpay and TTR, we were able to repeatedly observe a combination where a clear line of wild symbols was lined up, which, given the re-spin function, gave a good gain. Whereas in the Play Fortuna casino, again, despite a large number of activations of this bonus, the line of wild symbols, I was not able to get even once, moreover, the re-spin function itself is activated extremely rarely due to the lack of additional wilds.

I observed the following situation at Play Fortuna casino when three symbols fall out in the main game and their shift is activated, all three of them move, completely covering the central reels. Whereas in Fastpay, under issuing a similar combination and activating the shift, Sakura shift occurred only on the second and fourth reels, and in the third, Sakura fixation did not occur, which, honestly surprised me.

  • Similar "visible" differences were observed for such game providers as NetEnt, Thunderkick and others. The most demonstrative example of it can be called a developer like Red Tiger, whose slot game is radically different not only in different casinos but also in casinos of the same group like Play Fortuna and Booi.
  • Meanwhile, I would like to remind you that the final result in terms of money for the two casinos was almost similar. This was offset by other types of bonus games, somewhere by more frequent activations with less significant winnings. This was just about "visual difference", which is very strange, given that the game comes from "one developer server".

Conclusion: the difference in the behaviour of slot machines of some providers in casinos connected to the platform like SoftSwiss, and casinos with a direct connection to providers, could be due to a large number of game sequences. The game scenarios will be different. But what is typical: the same scenarios are used for a particular type of casino. For example, the same scenarios (+-) are typical for any casino from Soft Swiss (for example, they are found in both Fastpay and TTR). And others – in Play Fortuna and Booi – do not cross with each other, i.e. scenarios observed in SS are not found in PF and vice versa. In my opinion, this can only be explained by the fact that the manufacturer supplies different groups (platforms and networks) of casinos with "different packages" of game scenarios. As an option, two. We can assume that the manufacturer itself supplies fake software to many casinos (any platform).

  • Differences in the return of slot machines in casinos with a direct connection to providers and casinos on different platforms (SoftSwiss, BetConstruct and others)

Earlier in one of the articles, I already addressed the topic that casinos with a direct connection to gaming providers are much more likely to win a big jackpot. On the Internet, you can often find information about winnings in the tens or even hundreds of thousands of euros, including with minimum deposits of just a couple of tens of euros in such casinos. Such casinos often have a very dubious reputation.

Gambling sites connected via the platform are less likely to boast such features. At the same time, casinos on the platform have a more vivid expression in the "plus and minus" accounts.

I can express with a high degree of confidence that if the game in the casino "did not go" from the first deposits, then it makes almost no sense to continue playing in this casino. Conversely, I have seen situations where almost "every" slot machine gave out a big win. This allowed you to significantly increase the balance for at least several gaming sessions with the "passage" of the largest part of the slot machines of one or more providers.

Conclusion: Actually, the explanation from the previous paragraph is quite suitable here, i.e. "delivery of other software" and even "promotion" by the developer for such casinos, by prior agreement on non-payments, is not excluded. After all, what could be better than "free advertising" of the developer's products, when the deposit size increases by a couple of thousand times and you don't have to pay? Black PR is also PR! Fantasy? Not at all, and a good example is a BetConstruct platform, which strongly discourages its projects from making payments and using fraudulent schemes.

  • How slot reviewers and casino streamers get super mega wins

It's not a secret for anyone that there are reviewers of "new" slot machines and casino streamers on the Internet. So, several of these reviewers attracted my attention by the fact that in almost every slot machine they get a super mega win, close to the maximum potential of the slot. And this is a very rare combination that other players have not been able to get for years, not to mention a series of such winnings, including in slots with a very high volatility index. Previously, such videos were made by the producers themselves. There, everything is clear and understandable, it could be just a "simulation" (drawing a video) or recording the winnings received during the tests of the slot machine. And this frequency of winnings received by the same reviewers raises questions. The situation is similar with streamers.

Conclusion: getting super mega winnings by reviewers and streamers is not also a problem to "make", just putting them at the right point (forcibly, and not through RNG) in the case of pre-prepared scenarios, this will once again confirm my hypothesis.

  • Predictability of slots for a number of developers

Everything is very clear here. Given the identity of the game described above, the game of some slots from a number of manufacturers can be analyzed and predicted. This, in my opinion, created doubts about the use of the RNG  in the form that we were talking about.

  • Presence of bugs in slot machines

Information about very serious errors in slot machines has been leaked to the network more than once. At the same time, according to the owners of a number of casinos, such bugs exist in slots for years and often casinos simply disable such slot machines. Question: how do such slot machines pass the tests of regulatory authorities and obtain permits before release, and how do they continue to exist in the future under supervision of organizations that "check" and "test" slots with a certain frequency?

Conclusion: here we can only assume that either the controlling authorities are so corrupted and do not check anything at all, or the manufacturer replaces the software after passing all the tests. Only the availability of such slots for casinos and players, in my opinion, should serve as a reason for large-scale checks and changes in the market, as well as change the attitude of players and casino owners to the industry. However, this fact also indirectly confirms the possibility that slot machine manufacturers can supply fake casino software based on the official servers of the providers.

  • *All information provided, including conclusions, is the subjective opinion and assumptions of the author and does not imply a call for any action, or an accusation of any of the mentioned companies in any way.

Slot construction based on the big fake hypothesis: basic theory

In my opinion, as stated in the first part of the theory, the RNG does not exist in the form in which it is presented to the masses. It is involved only in the development of game sequences, i.e. creating a script, even if it is high-quality, but still a script (script)!

Let me briefly recall the essence of the hypothesis described in the first part:

  • At the stage of creating a mathematical model of the slot, the RNG forms a certain number of game sequences, let's call them "tracks", with "plus" and "minus" segments and single or serial winning combinations scattered on them. The player is thrown on such a segment randomly – for some developers every time they enter a new "point", for some "for a lifetime", continuing each time from the place where they left off.

Features of NetEnt slot machine device

So, I still consider NetEnt products to be one of the best quality scripts on the market. The game sequences built by their RNGS are among the most difficult to predict. And this creates a complete sense of randomness (coincidence) of the game combinations.

When you first enter a slot machine in a particular casino, the system, based on the RTP indicator (common for the slot, and not for a specific casino), "throws" the player to a certain section of a specific scenario. In this case, the size of its future bet is not taken into account, in fact, as well as its history in other casinos.

According to NetEnt, we can say for sure that the player's history in a particular casino is preserved, which means that throughout the game, regardless of the time intervals between sessions, the player continues the same "path" according to the scenario. Of course, the scripts are so high-quality that the game sequences include a series of large winnings, otherwise, players would leave the slot forever after the first win. But we can say that long gaming sessions will have a negative result since initially each of the scenarios is developed with RTP, the value of which, of course, is below 100% and, as a rule, varies between 94-98%.

Although this developer has the most smooth game sequences, and the slots themselves are mostly low-dispersion, I would still recommend changing this slot machine to another one in case of a large win or a series of them or continuing the game session in this slot, but in a different casino.

It should also be taken into account that these slot machines cannot discard/reset in a certain time (as we are assured), which means that the change of the "script" for a particular player will not happen.

For some reason, NetEnt shows the "plus" and "minus" accounts very well. So if you are lucky enough to play several of this developer's slot machines, I recommend that you keep on playing other products of this developer. Conversely, if several slots are played exclusively in the "minus", I would recommend changing the casino.

Features of Amatic slot machine device

This developer is no exception, and its products have the same tools. The main features here are that these slots, despite "updating images" when you re-enter the slot machine, do not change the point of your location on the game path that means you continue the same path.

I can highlight another feature which implies that the game sequences of this developer are more "rough" with the most pronounced "minus" and "plus" segments and, accordingly, very predictable, which is not typical for the same NetEnt. These segments, both "negative" and "positive", can be very long and can both take a margin of several thousand bets, and give out a whole series of very large winnings, despite which, I would still recommend changing the slot machine.

It’s not recommended to change casinos very often as a gamer may predominantly fall into “negative accounts”.

Features of Play'n Go slot machine device

Even though the principle of operation of this developer is also unchanged and it is based on scripts (scenarios of game sequences), it has distinctive features compared to the competitors above.

So, game sequences are very rough and often look like this: a short "plus" segment from the start of the game session is replaced by a further long "minus" segment. The game session is not remembered, and every time you enter a particular slot machine, the player is thrown "to a new point", taking into account the overall RTP indicator of the slot. Most players are thrown into the "negative" segments.

Long gaming sessions are highly discouraged, and I recommend frequent updates of the slot in search of a "throw-in to the desired point".

Features of Endorphina slot machine device

Endorphina is no exception and develops slot machines using the same tools. So, the game sequences formed by the RNG are usually designed for long sessions with very large winnings scattered on them.

Throw-ins at start points that are close to a mega-win are rare, so I recommend that you have a significant margin of bets. The player's game history is preserved in each slot, but the potential for getting a series of big wins is low, and the developer has few such game sequences.

This developer takes into account not only the total RTP for a slot but also the player's performance in this casino. In other words, if a player has received a series of large winnings in various slots of this developer, then it is highly likely that in subsequent slots they will be placed on the "negative" segments with the greatest distance from the mega-game.

Features of Push Gaming slot machine device

Push Gaming developer's slot machines also do not deviate from the basic theory. Like NetEnt products, they preserve the player's history in each slot for a lifetime (which is confirmed by the developer himself).

At the same time, the game sequences are close to those used for Amatic, i.e. with rare large payouts from the start, set up for very long gaming sessions, during which the slots can pick up a significant amount of bets.

Super wins that are spread out can reach values of up to several thousand bets, after which it is recommended to end the game on the slot forever (within this casino).

Features of device of Pragmatic slot machines

Pragmatic Play products can be called a hybrid of NetEnt and Push Gaming. Visually, the scripts are very similar to NetEnt, with frequent activation of bonus features and small payouts, creating the illusion of low-dispersion slots. But for longer distances, they still give out Push Gaming indicators, with very long "negative" segments that can take a huge stock of bets.

Large winnings, which can exceed several thousand bets, are not uncommon for this provider, but the system is extremely reluctant to put "close" to them. Due to the formation of such scripts for this developer is characterised by the marked "positive" and "negative" accounts. Long game sessions are not recommended!

Features of QuickSpin slot machine device

We can say that Quick Spin copied the schematics of building game sequences from Play'n Go, or vice versa since they are all similar.

The scripts of this developer also mostly have only the following game schemes: 

  • giving out small winnings from the start of the game session followed by a "minus" segment,
  • "negative" segment with the subsequent issuance of a large win (a series of averages).

The history, like that of Play'n Go, is not reserved here, and I recommend eliminating long gaming sessions by resorting to frequent updates of the slot machine.

Features of Red Tiger slot machine device

Often, the scripts of this developer are built on the following principle: giving out a small win from the start of the game session, followed by a long "minus" segment with average wins scattered on it and super-wins rare at this distance.

At the same time, it should be borne in mind that often, with a very long gaming session, slots can be "squeezed" to the issue of a large win. However, given that the developer saves the history, the further game loses all meaning, since a series of such large winnings in scripts is practically excluded, and after a mega-game, a long "minus" period is guaranteed.

Short gaming sessions in Red Tiger slots are also not recommended because the developer's RNG practically does not put players at "close distances" to a mega-game.

Features of the game device on doubling the number of providers

So, from the developers listed above, the game for doubling has such providers as:

  • Amatic,
  • Play`n Go,
  • Endorphina.

Amatic and Play'n Go have the same type of game for doubling winnings, namely, they offer an increase in winnings by two times (when "guessing" the colour of the card) and four times (when "guessing" the suit). A similar type of doubling game has, for example, another developer like BGaming. What can be said for sure, as in the main game, there is no RNG used and the "hidden" map is not random. There are also pre-defined scenarios for issuing cards, and there are not so many of them. And unlike game sequences, which include millions of spins, these scripts are shorter and written for 20-30 cards ahead, and there are about 30 schemes themselves. At the end of the "scheme" or in the case of a large number of guessed cards, the system switches between scripts, jumping from one to another.

Moreover, I can say with confidence that the scripts used are identical for all providers that use this type of doubling game. This means that they do not develop these scripts themselves, but most likely they are purchased as a module from a third party and included in their products. At the moment, these game sequences are very "readable" and vulnerable, which gives players an advantage in the game.

The construction of the card game model in Endorphina is different, and the script model is close to the model of the slot machine itself. So, regardless of the face value of the dealer's card and the number of the player's winnings, the win or loss is already written in the script. And whatever card the player chooses and whatever face value the dealer has, the result is already a foregone conclusion. That is why, very often, for example, it is possible to "break" the high face value of the dealer's card and lose if the dealer has a "three".


About the integrity of online casinos; a pool of slot machines and casinos; monitoring the activities of game developers and casinos, etc.

The bottom line here is whether to rely on such concepts as RTP, which, for example, calls for doing TTR? In my opinion, no. And only because developers can manipulate this indicator. And even pseudo-control by the casino does not confirm the integrity of the developer, since the provider can always refer to the consideration of a small distance.

Are there samples of slot machines and casinos? In my opinion, no, as already proved by the examples above. And it doesn't matter where to play or which slot machine. 

Summing up, we can say that in my subjective opinion, the information that is presented to us, the players, is nothing more than fake, and now I am completely convinced of this:

  • The online casino market itself is nothing but without a doubt SCAM. At the same time, the casinos themselves, in my opinion, are in a situation no better than the players. The only ones who are essential "gods" and earn money in this market are game developers who manipulate products as they want, based on their tastes, needs and characteristics of certain factors.
  • Companies like eCOGRA are of no help to control this market either. What can we say about slot developers, if the leader of the games segment with the Evolution dealer has been caught in fraud more than once, and some of the game providers do not even hide the presence of "fake" software in their line, as they say in their interviews?
  • The most honest in terms of building a mathematical model of the slot, in my opinion, is Play'n Go (which, by the way, has been repeatedly caught "in games" with RTP), as well as QuickSpin.
  • The most promising casinos for the game, I would still highlight casinos on platforms, and not with a direct connection to the game developers.

Anyways, my dear friends, YOU are the one to draw the right conclusions!

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