How to clear a casino bonus

Quite often there is a situation when a player wins a substantial amount, having an active bonus. Before him is a task as safely as possible to clear the bonus at the casino and withdraw your winnings. Today we would like to talk about bonuses and their wagering safe casino Netent. Lets analyze what is grey (not forbidden in the rules) and white (allowed) ways to secure wagering at the casino. Also talk of bonuses Net Entertainment.

Gray and white ways of wagering in a casino

How to Clear a Casino BonusThere are several ways to secure wagering at the casino. Some of them are gray, which are questionable, but not directly prohibited. And some are white, that is allowed by the rules of the operators. In order to decide in which of the ways you can safely play with a casino bonus, you need to read the rules (terms and conditions) of the casino operator. You can do this by opening the home page of the gambling establishment and clicking on the link at the bottom of the page (point: terms and conditions). As a general rule, prohibited are exactly those methods that give you a 100% change of safely wagering with a bonus.

Gray ways:

Bonus ar Mr Green casinoBelow we list the gray ways to wager with a bonus in the casino. As a rule, these methods are not prohibited by the rules, but the simplicity and obviousness of inadmissibility rates with minimal risk cause us to doubt the legality of their use. We need to carefully see all bonus rules in your selected casino so as to know whether there are explicitly prohibited.


  • The classical scheme - red and black, equal rates almost blind zero. The wagering requirements are met very quickly without the possibility of spending your entire balance. The average loss will be 2.7% of the bets (1/37).
  • The same trick can be spread out over a dozen or close to three dozen or zero, or betting on three columns.
  • You can use rates with minimal risk. This minimizes dispersion, placing 35 of the 37 numbers or close to a third and a dozen small numbers.

Scheming in the live casino

If your bonus is not subject to restrictions in the games found in a live casino, then you can use the strategy that lets you quickly meet the wagering requirements and clear the bonus on these games. Read the details on this page:

White methods

VerificationAlong with those ways, which are usually prohibited casinos, there are completely legal ways safe wagering. Let's look at them.

Obtaining a positive expectation

If you play at the casino powered by NetEnt software and the wagering requirements of your bonus are 40x, you can use the knowledge of interest payments on selected games for a positive expectation of your game session. With a small bet and the right game, you can safely clear the bonus at a casino. Walkthrough:

  • Please read the article on getting a positive expectation of winning at a casino.
  • See all Netent games in the block of free casino games.
  • Test the games and pay attention to their payout percentage. Select the appropriate game.
  • Set your bet rate to cover the wagering for 2,000 spins. Remember that NetEnt casinos often limit the maximum rate when a player has an active bonus. If your bet is higher than €5 (or 0.50 Euros) per line, you should see the rules (terms and conditions) on the subject of restrictions on the maximum bet.
  • Set auto-play to the maximum value (1,500) and relax.

Obtaining a positive expectation of winning in the game at a low interest rate allows you to safely play the rest of the bonus at the casino. Please note this rule can be implemented only in a NetEnt casino.

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