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All that You Need to Know about Free Bonus Games at Online Casino

All that You Need to Know about Free Bonus Games at Online Casino
Each of us can hardly imagine our life without mobile phones. We both work and have fun with them. Let’s speak of entertainment. Since it became convenient for most people to use phones, tablets, and not computers, online casinos began to create applications. It has become more convenient, so customers usually look at the quality of options and functionality of applications.

Nowadays, mobile casinos have become incredibly popular. Gamblers are grateful to the developers for the opportunity to have a good time where it is convenient for them. You only need to have a smartphone in your pocket and an installed application on it! But the best mobile casinos’ part is bonuses. Due to its promotional offers, promotions, and bonus, it is so popular among players. In this article, we will show you a selection of the best bonuses for mobile casino online!

The Difference between the Bonus Game and the Jackpot

First of all, you need to start with the definitions of the above words. Sometimes in the definition of the word lies the main distinguishing feature.

A bonus game is an alternative to the routine of the player. In fact, many customers play until they receive various bonus prizes during the games. Bonus casino games can be presented in different variations. For example, it may be possible to select one of the provided items. Behind the element will be hidden some kind of bonus. It happens that all of them hide some kind of reward, but sometimes, one of the elements may contain some kind of «trap». The bonus round immediately ends when it hits it. You return to the main game.

Such bonuses are beneficial to both parties. Customers benefit from being rewarded with new opportunities. The developers of the casino site benefit in the form of statistics. They notice an increase in rates. Rates mean cash transactions. If there were no bonus games, then the situation in the casino sphere would be as follows: players would click on buttons such as “spin” or “bet”. The process would go on, go on, and ultimately end. Why would it end? The reason consists in the fact that interest will be lost during the process of such games. Developers, in turn, will slowly or possibly quickly lose customers.

There are not only bonuses but also such a thing as a jackpot. If you translate this definition verbatim, you get the following: «Jack» is a «playing card figure» and «pot» is a «bank». This is the main prize of the lottery, which often amounts to many millions of dollars (other currencies). It can be presented in the following forms:

  • 1. A fixed form is the set amount of money that is set before the start of the game. It remains unchanged despite factors such as bets, number of players, and others. If no one has the opportunity to win a fixed jackpot, then he automatically proceeds to the next game.
  • 2. The progressive form of the jackpot is a prize that is constantly growing. It is influenced by the number of tickets purchased, player bets, the number of games played.

The jackpot is the maximum amount played in the game

What conclusions can be drawn from all this? The difference between the two is as follows: bonus games are characterized by a fixed-line; jackpots are subject to change and are the largest prize pool.

Which Slots are Provided by the Best Bonuses?

Bonus casino games can provide completely different slots. For example, fruit slots. Fruit slots are the best and most popular against the rest of the species. Games are very colourful, that it’s why they attract the attention of users. Simple 2D graphics and 3D effects are their main features. Fast game, clear rules, and numerous bonuses are also included in the list of main features. All this is the main success of fruit slots. Everyone can find the most suitable for themselves.

If we are talking about a specific site, then it will certainly be difficult to choose the best slots. Their number may be so large that confusion will result. We will take FastPay online casino as an example. The most effective slots are marked with the word «HOT». This word means favourable offers for this slot. At the moment, the following games are indicated with such a word: Book of Dead, Valley Of The Gods, and many others. Their number is really large.

Combinations may occur more than once during the bonus game. Anything can fall out. A large number of free spins, for example. Free spins, by the way, have become a very profitable component of bonus games in various online casinos.

How to Get a Bonus Slot Game?

If we consider the whole free casino slots games with bonus rounds, then there will certainly be an opinion about the high profitability potential. For example, various prize modes are characterized by a large increase in profits. This profit is growing absolutely daily. What needs to be done to achieve bonus games in slots?

No matter how trite it may sound, the player’s intuition is the first key to success. Perhaps you were expecting a clearer answer. However, it is worth remembering that gambling does not imply prepared answers. The game can change at any time and become so unpredictable. That is why it is worth making decisions along the way and relies on intuition. Perhaps intuition will grow into a fortune. Consider success in your hands in such a situation.

Savvy is an important quality that every player must-have. If you do not have this quality, then bonus games and other games in the casino may end in a bad outcome. Thoughtful acts must be committed exclusively! He/she must understand how to proceed.

The second important tip is to immerse yourself in the game. The more you are involved in the process, the higher the percentage of benefits guaranteed. You can get not only a guaranteed prize but also get unforgettable emotions.

What Can be Obtained from Casino Slot Bonus Games?

Various systems of loyalty programs and mini-games are a hallmark of slot games. Each game has its loyalty program. This is an indicator that the developer approaches the game as a service and not as a work in the first place.

The accumulation of tickets that allow you to win extra prizes is another variation. Its essence is as follows: you play on slot machines and earn tickets. Collected the required number of tickets - received additional mini-games on tickets at the casino.

Of course, we cannot do without everyone's favourite free spins. For example, consider the «Book of Dead» slot. You will be given 10 free spins; a special spinning symbol (will give you the opportunity to win even more money). Each game will provide certain reward systems in the form of various bonuses. You will not find repetitions because developers carefully approach the development process.

Are There any Bonus Games in Other Casino Games?

Each casino provides slot games with bonuses. The idea and structure of the games are almost the same. They are designed to engage players in the process. Players, in turn, seek to receive the coveted prize in any slot.
Games, their interface are the main differences between online casinos. Here, developers are already engaged in the individual development of their projects. If you compare the same FastPay casino with Casumo then you will quickly find the differences. Of course, both online casinos have a bright design, clear graphics, but the conditions of the game, its bonuses are different.

Bonus games can be absent at the maximum at completely new casinos that appeared several months ago. This percentage is however very low. Creating bonus games for all casinos is the first and important goal.

Please note that there is a bonus check function in the slots. It is not necessary to play every game where there are bonuses. You can check their availability, conditions, and make conclusions. Verification is very simple. It will take you just a few minutes. You need to find the «Help» («Payments») section and open it. You will find the number of bonuses in your chosen slot.

What is Better: Free Bonus Games with Slots or Slots without Bonuses?

First of all, it should be said that all people have different tastes. Someone is ready to play absolutely any games and it does not matter to him whether he will receive his bonuses or not. The game for this type of person is a process that allows you to abstract from the world of problems with work. Another type of people is ready to play round the clock to get bonuses. They will work hard to get their cherished free spins, for example. Such games can even spend several hours searching for slots with the best bonuses.

If you approach this issue from a logical point of view, then games with any bonuses are much better. Firstly, your pastime will not be so boring. You set a goal and you want to achieve it as quickly as possible. Submit your games without bonuses. These will be monotonous games in which eventually you will find the end. Your interest will quickly fade. If you switch to new games, a similar outcome will happen. Secondly, the bonuses themselves. You can get a lot of free spins, additional bonus games. Thirdly, bonus slots are profitable. If you really understand the field of gambling, then your wallet will not decrease much. On the contrary, it will be able to replenish and increase several times.

If you still doubt your choice, start with free games. Understand them, study in detail, analyze from and to. This will help you a lot in your future ladder of gambling.

The Most Popular Games

FastPay tops the charts on the number of games. For example, the number of slots for 2024 is 5300; the number of live casino games is 154. Each developed game has high graphics, unique games.

FastPay developers did a great job and developed a whole game library! A game library can help even the greatest critic. It is worth noting that some games are created by rare providers that are available only in a small part of online casinos. For example, Merkur, Big Time Gaming.

The number of the best games is so large that it is impossible to sit down and read information about them all. The game «Franken Cash», for example, is the favourite game of many users. She is loved not only because of the opportunity to get free spins. Users also like it because it provides about 15 payment methods. The game «Silver Bullet», although they do not have free spins at the moment, is also on the list of the best games. Customers are attracted by the design and plot of the game.

You will find really a lot of games on the official site of this online casino. Choose and play!


It is worth summing up on this topic. Bonus games are very common in online slots. Most games have their own bonus scenario, their own plot, which can develop until the fantasy is gone. We cannot ignore the fact that slots can be either weak or medium/high in complexity. This is a useful option that allows players to test their strength and draw conclusions. Developers want players to enjoy the whole process. However, this task is successful.

Sometimes the slots can be so tight that you won’t notice how they spent the whole day at the computer screen. However, do not do this. You must be able to set a frame for yourself and observe it on an ongoing basis. A protracted game can certainly improve your skills, but don't forget the other side. You can sit at the monitor screen for so long and you won’t notice how all your money disappeared. You may not even understand how this happened. This is much worse than a few unsuccessful slots. If you do not want to turn a pleasant time into a gambling addiction, take on yourself. You can set limits on the official website.

We, in turn, wish you successful games in such a really difficult matter! May be fortune will come to you and will never disappear in your life.

Where to play?

  • Fastpay casino has over 5000 games in their portfolio. Their VIP bonus program and excellent customer care make them one of the best in the online gambling industry.

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