Blackjack History

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino card games in gambling establishments. Online casinos include this game to your main, along with a tape measure and poker. Curiously enough, still do not know exactly how and when there was a blackjack. In the eighteenth century in various European countries existed similar games, namely, baccarat in Italy, one in Spain and thirty, vingt-et-un or twenty-one in France. Currently, blackjack is one of the classic components of any casino Let`s try to understand the history of blackjack.

The history of blackjack in stages:

Blackjack HistoryCommon for all these gambling was that they had to get a certain number of points with the help of playing cards that are distributed to the dealer gambling establishment. And the player determines himself, when to terminate a set of cards and the bust was considered losing to a player. Across Europe, the gaming table rang coins and one player, fortune smiled, and others, alas, no luck with the game.

At the end of the eighteenth century, the gambling became widespread in the United States. Perhaps, as the American nation was formed from Europe come from the British, French, Italians, and gambling blackjack originated at the junction of the gambling that have been mentioned below. There are several types of rules of the game against the house. The main differences are:

  • Having the opportunity to surrender half the bet (Surrender)
  • Having the opportunity to insurance a blackjack dealer.
  • The number of decks of cards in the hand.

Wild West:

Blackjack at Online Casino NetentThe story began on the Wild West. The first casino, which played the game, was illegal. Especially, the illegal gambling business was flourished in the Wild West. Players gathered at night in the saloons, and dashing sheriffs tried to grab the players and the organizers of the games. It was the time of intervention on Indian lands - as they say - the Native Americans.

The Cowboys didn`t differ in intellect, and the rules of blackjack is very simple and can be understood in 10 minutes, even a person who "is not enough stars in the sky." I think it was one of the reasons for the popularization of the game in the Wild West. The cowboys willingly exchanging a game of cards in a gambling house in between hunting Indians.

Many years ago it was forbidden to play this game. In the same United States, where the blackjack was born, the casino is allowed, and then forbidden by law. However, experience has shown that bans had no effect, so since the thirties of the twentieth century, players started perfectly legal to play this exciting game.

Soviet Union:

The history of blackjack in the Soviet Union was extremely difficult. For a long time it was banned, just like any other gambling. Moreover, and very few people have heard of blackjack, because it came into the category of entertainment decadent bourgeois West. Meanwhile, in the decadent west the books were written about how to play at this exciting game.

In blackjack, they found a lot of what is interesting not only for professional players, whose eyes begin to burn as soon as they see a deck of playing cards, but also the elderly professor, days and nights to deal with issues at first glance, completely detached from reality. Since then, both in the Russian Federation boom casino blackjack began a triumphal procession for our country. To date, when the gambling is prohibited in Russia again, you can only play blackjack online, but how much time the players will have the opportunity to completely unclear. At the moment all we write the recent history of blackjack.

Card counters:

For a long time there were a lot of disputes with regards to card counters in blackjack - a player who by the use of the system against the casino games - card counting received a mathematical advantage over the institution could win hundreds of thousands of dollars and, if left unchecked, could even make the casino bankrupt. Law was not forbidden to count cards, but the institution could not let them rob you.

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At a time when Las Vegas had the Mafia, card counters "were taken to the desert", fought off its hands and tried to ward off from its establishments in other ways. Now, when Las Vegas owned corporations, card counters included in the database and give the so-called black card - that does not allow the meter to play in any institution that is connected to the database.

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