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How to win at Random Runner 15

How to win at Random Runner 15 slotThe offer to win at Random Runner 15 slot machine sounds appealing. We will gladly reveal all the secrets of this online slot and help you to get the maximum number of winnings.

After reading our article, you will understand how to win at Random Runner 15 slot with simple strategies. Each strategy is described in detail below, so it will not be difficult to apply them during the gameplay. By the way, the tester left his review of all the strategies.

Personal testers opinion

In Random Runner 15 slot machine, there is a particular way to generate winning combinations. Only three identical pictures give payouts. To win, you need to bet no more than 50 coins on a spin. After all, the slot machine rarely issues large payments. But I do not recommend betting the maximum rate. You can double all your winnings, but you are advised not to risk big rewards.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Slot game-winning strategies

  • Rate: When choosing a bet, you should pay attention to two aspects - the number of credits on your account and the time you want to spend on the game. If you're going to spend a lot of time playing the game, then the rate should be 1000 times less than the balance on the account. Though, the size of the bet does not affect the number of prize combinations.
  • The risk game: The only way to win additional prizes at Random Runner 15 slot machine is the risk game. Trust your intuition and choose the colour of the card suit. Remember that you do not need to risk significant payments because the probability of winning is 50%.
  • Expected winnings: Set a goal - to get more than 50% of the profit from the slot game and end the game for the day. At achievement of the task in view, the break will not only save your winnings but will also allow you to enjoy the received portions of excitement.
  • The limit of lost bets: In order not to waste the entire deposit and stay in the red, you should control the bankroll. In this online slot, you can lose no more than 1/3 of the bankroll. In case your balance has decreased and reached this mark, it's best to take a break. Otherwise, you can lose everything and not recoup.
  • The more spins you make, the higher the chances of winning. Regardless of the size of the selected bet, you are expected to spend the maximum playing time. The slot is profitable when you play for a long time, so it is better to make at least 300 spins of reels in one game session. In this case, it is worth considering that the limits on the loss and win also work. Therefore, the number of rotations depends on the limits that you set for yourself.

Important tips to remember!

  • A bet of 75 coins can bring impressive winnings.
  • Always count on long gameplay and consider the size of the bankroll. The bet must always be at least 1,000 times less than the balance on the game account.
  • The lack of bonus features allows you to get more payouts in the main game.
  • In the risk game, you should take into account the limits and not risk large payments.
  • Playing at the minimum bet can bring the desired results.
  • Do not increase too large prizes in the risk game.
  • When you change the bet, open the pay-table, and you will see the final winnings. Make sure that the size of the payments suits you.

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