How to win at Dancing Dragon

How to win at the Dancing Dragon video slotThe Dancing Dragon slot is one of the most popular and exciting games where you can come true your dreams, especially to win a lot of money. But firstly, you need to get acquainted with the rules, options and secrets of this game. Furthermore, you can always break a big jackpot if you learn a few secrets. About how to win at Dancing Dragon slot, using simple methods, we will tell in this article. Our experts have prepared excellent material in which they revealed the secrets of the game.

Now every game session will end successfully, only apply all the strategies. With their help, the chances of winning will increase several times. By the way, we have a tip of the tester. Be sure to pay attention to the recommendations that he left. His advice will help to avoid defeat and lead to victory. Now read attentively it and enjoy the game session.

Personal testers opinion

In my opinion, Dancing Dragon slot is worth playing. You would like to ask me why. It is easy to understand because of the many advantages. The high percentages and bonuses which are available are the main reason why you need to try this game. If you have such a desire, you should get acquainted with the secrets of the game and some aspects. I will tell it. On the spin, you can bet any amount that should match the balance on the game account. The secrets of Dancing Dragon slot are hidden in the amount of the bet. It is the crucial factor that affects the number of winning combinations and the frequency of activation of free spin. I advise you to choose a stake of 25 coins for a spin, and it allows you to get decent wins and not risk a bankroll.

Also, do not change the bet. Pay attention to this. Frequent shifting leads to a decrease in the recoil of the slot. Waiting for the launch of free games is important. Run them at least twice and leave the game as the winner. But with the game at risk, you should be careful. Activate it only in rare cases or when they received a small win. Also, do not get involved in it. After all, the chances of winning are only 50%. Do not neglect the limits. They are important and help keep a positive balance on the game account. So, these secrets will undoubtedly help you to break the jackpot.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)


  • The rate. The range of rates in this slot is quite large. When you are playing at the highest rate, you must have a large bankroll, which is 1000 times more than 50 coins. This tactic should be used when playing at other rates. To keep a positive balance on the game account. Low rates do not give great results, so that avoid them. It is better to spend a little and get a big jackpot as a result.
  • Free spins. Learn how to win at Dancing Dragon slot free games and be able to break a big jackpot. Preparation for the launch of the bonus should start immediately. Do not change the bet, then the number of additional wild symbols will be quite large. Still worth choosing rates that are more than 10 coins. Then the winnings that the prize games will bring and become as large as possible. Make 50 to 100 spins at one bet and increase the likelihood of running free games. After they are completed, do not change the stake. You should continue to play. Usually, after 40-50 spins, free rounds will be started again.
  • Playing at risk. Start the round for doubling, when the win is equal to or less than two final bets. Also, you should not get involved. It is better to increase the reward no more than twice. A longer game is dangerous. Note that there are limits in the slot for winnings, which can be doubled. Do not chase after them.
  • Limits for the bankroll. The first spin must begin with the set of constraints. You should complete the gaming session when you lost more than a third of the account or increased the bankroll by 40-50%. Do not neglect these limits. They help to avoid losses and lead to victory.

Important to remember!

  • The bet should be less than 1000 times the bankroll.
  • All bets that are above 10 coins per spin are considered optimal.
  • Do not change the bet for 50-100 spins.
  • Free spins will often run if you follow strategies.
  • Do not get carried away by playing at risk.
  • Bonuses for free games are accumulated in the main game.
  • The doubling round gives decent payouts.
  • Consider the limits for the bankroll.
  • Finish the game when the big jackpot is broken.

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