How to win at Fruits n Royals

How to win at the Fruits n Royals video slotOur developers want to present you the new slot which theme of the game is such tasty and colourful fruits. It is such a popular theme now that`s why we have the chance to break the jackpot and of course to enjoy after hard work. You need to get acquainted with it. At first, get the most awards, playing only five lines for payments, it is difficult. But, if you know how to win at Fruits n Royals slot, you can break a big jackpot. We decided to tell you about all the secrets of the slot so that you could increase your chances of winning.

Below is a brief description of all the methods that should be used in this game. Increase the probability of obtaining the maximum winnings of 100 000 coins, following simple advice. Also, we suggest getting acquainted with the recall of the tester. It has brief recommendations on how to get even more prize coins. If you listen to them, you will necessarily leave the game as a winner.

Personal testers opinion

In my opinion, Fruits n Royals is one of my favourite slots. I have many reasons why I like it. But the main two reasons are the high percentage and of course the design, and I prefer the fruits slots above all. I want to recommend some facts and secrets which will help you for sure. I want to start by saying that each player can disclose the secrets of Fruits n Royals slot. The main thing is to spend more time playing the game. I recommend that you listen to a few tips that help avoid losses. First, you should adhere to the restrictions for the bankroll. Secondly, choose the optimal bet size.

You should note that the spin is put in 1000 times less than what is available on the game account. If you stick to this tactic, you will get to spend the maximum amount of time for the game. The more spins you make, the closer will be the main prize. Since there are no bonus options in the game, you will receive all rewards only in the main round. As for the game for doubling, then run it only if necessary. Do not risk significant gains. I hope you will also like Fruits n Royals slot like me.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)


  • The rate. Choose a bet, considering the balance on the game account. It is necessary to put on a spin 1000 times less than your bankroll. It is also recommended to place bets that do not exceed 50 coins per reel started. So, you will manage to maintain a positive balance and get large rewards. The more time you play at the same rate, without changing it, the higher the chances of winning.
  • Playing at risk. How to win at this slot more? Just run the game on the odds. It should adhere to several rules. First, do not increase the winnings, which are more than the final bet. Save them for stakes. And, secondly, double the prizes no more than twice in a row. Then avoid losses. Do not use logic or any strategies when choosing the colour of the map. They will not help, because there is no cyclicality in the game for the odds.
  • Limits. The bankroll needs to be monitored. For example, you cannot continue the game when more than 1/3 of the game account is lost. Further bets can lead to even more negative consequences. Also, you should pause when the maximum win is obtained, or the account is increased by 50%. Start the game later, because you will save the coins.
  • Time to play. You should spend the maximum amount of time in the game process. The more spins you perform, the higher the probability of catching a big jackpot. It is recommended to make at least 200 bets in one game session. But do not forget that there are limitations. They should not be neglected. Keeping the bankroll balance at a positive mark is important.

Important to remember!

  • Play at rates that are small.
  • You will use the maximum bet if you have a large amount on the game account.
  • The bet is always 1000 times smaller than the bankroll.
  • The maximum prize is 100 thousand coins.
  • Run the game at risk when getting small winnings.
  • Finish the game session as soon as you get a big prize.
  • Consider all established limits.

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