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How to win at Jewels of the Sea

How to win at the Jewels of the Sea slot
You can win big rewards if you choose the right game strategy. We have decided to help you and show you all the secrets to play and win in online slots.

You will learn how to win at Jewels of the Sea slot, especially how you can win maximum credits and avoid significant losses.

Also, read the tester's recommendations and apply the knowledge gained during the gameplay.

Personal testers opinion

Be sure to pay attention to the range of odds and odds to the winning combinations. At a maximum rate of 40 coins per spin, you can get no more than 400 coins. But the winnings are given out very often, as there are 720 ways to generate winning combinations. You can choose any size of the bet; it does not affect the payments. Winning free spins in this slot game is easy. It is better to bet up to 20 coins and spend a lot of time playing. And all small winnings are better doubled in the risk game.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Slot game-winning strategies

  • The size of the rates: There are 720 ways to receive winning combinations in the slot machine, so you get a win in almost every spin. But the optimal size of the bet, playing on which, you can win at Jewels of the Sea more, is not available. You can play at any rate and in any case, get a win.
  • Free spins: The biggest payouts are available in free spins mode; therefore, you should wait for them. But remember that the size of the bet significantly affects their launch. The smaller it is, the freer games are launched.
  • Risk game: Each small win can be doubled in the risk game. Your chances of winning are always the same and equal to 50%. Increasing them is impossible.
  • Stop in time: Playing in this online slot, you should remember that if you lose one-third of the deposit, it is necessary to pause for a while. This happens rarely, but you still need to remember this. It is also recommended that you stop if you managed to increase your bankroll by 40%. This method allows you always to take chances.
  • Average volatility: Winning combinations have high multipliers drop out quite often, approximately, every 30-50 spins. So big wins await you if you spend a lot of time playing.
  • Do not play less than 200 spins of drums: The more time you spend playing the game, the higher the chances of winning. Note that the outcome of the game often depends on the number of spins made.

Important tips to remember!

  • You can win up to 96 free spins.
  • The absence of standard pay lines allows you to get more prize combinations.
  • A wild symbol doubles all the winnings in which it takes part.
  • Prize combinations are formed according to 720 methods, which allows a player to receive more payments.
  • Do not forget about the limitations of the risk game. You cannot increase a certain amount of winnings. It all depends on the size of the bet.
  • A low percentage of payments is compensated by average volatility so that you will get many prize combinations, especially high-paying ones.
  • Do not start playing if your account has less than 500 coins.
  • The game at the maximum rate will allow you to receive large rewards.
  • Do not risk playing the game of chances with winnings, which are 2-3 times higher than the final bet.

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  • The software at Casumo casino is fully licensed, and there are no withdrawal limits.

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