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How to win at Just Jewels Deluxe

How to win at the Just Jewels Deluxe slotEveryone can receive the maximum amount of rewards in this slot machine. To do this, you only need to know which strategies can help you win. We have decided to help you cut off the task of searching for the right strategy and provided information on how to win at Just Jewels Deluxe slot. Be sure to read this article to the end and try to apply our advice in practice. You can win a big prize and enjoy the gameplay.

Personal testers opinion

In the slot machine, there is an average payout percentage and low volatility. This indicates that the slot gives frequent winnings. I managed to win a large number of the prize in Just Jewels Deluxe slot machine, playing at a rate of 10 coins per spin. But it's better not to bet a maximum rate on a spin. You can quickly spend all the credits and finish the game if you play the slot at the maximum rate. It's still worth noting that in the risk game, you should not risk large payments because the chances of winning are 50%.

Important characteristics of the gaming machine

Slot game-winning strategies

  • Selecting a bet: On one spin, it is better to bet no more than 20 coins so that you can win in the slot. This slot has small coefficients for the prize combinations, so do not expect big wins.
  • The maximum bet: In the slot machine, the most significant winnings are 50,000 coins. But it's better not to put 100 coins on a spin to win it.
  • Risk game: Another way to win at the Just Jewels Deluxe slot machine is to play the risk game. Usually, the slot allows you to double the small prizes. Do not risk large rewards, because the chances of winning are 50%.
  • Refund rates: In the slot machine, the average percentage of kickback, that is, 95.42% of the bets you made will necessarily return. And the rest depends on luck. Remember that to return more than spent; it will be possible only when making 1000 or more spins. At the same time, the size of the bet does not affect the return of the slot.
  • Restrictions: If you lose one-third of the bankroll, always try to pause. It is better to proceed later to the game or choose another slot. And even with a large prize, it is recommended to break. There is a significant risk not to recoup and lose all earned.
  • Enjoy the gameplay: Do not set yourself the goal to win a certain prize. Just have fun during the gameplay. Looping can lead to negative results and loss of control over the game.

Important tips to remember!

  • The maximum prize can be won only at the highest rate.
  • It is not recommended to use a large bet for the game if the bankroll is too small.
  • Control spending. If you lose a lot, always make a long pause.
  • Prize combinations are formed in a special way, which increases the chances of winning.
  • Pay attention to the limitations of the risk game.
  • Short cycle length and low volatility of the slot allow you to win more.
  • Do not make too small a bet.
  • Doubt only those winnings that are small in size.
  • Trust your intuition, because often, it is she who tells what action is best to perform.
  • Use the automatic play mode.

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