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How to win at the Monkeys Millions

How to win at the Monkeys Millions slotIn the pursuit of big prizes, players forget about strategies that can be used to increase the number of winning combinations. In this article, we have decided to tell you how to win at Monkeys Millions slot machine.

Get to know all the information and put it into practice. We've checked all the strategies that are used in the online slot and described the best among them in detail. Do not miss the chance to win more prizes in the slot game.

Personal testers opinion

Having tested the Monkeys Millions slot at various rates, I concluded that it's not worth playing at the maximum rates. It is better to put no more than 60 coins on a spin. After all, in the main game, you won't get big payouts. All prize combinations have low coefficients. The maximum number of prizes can be won only by catching any of the bonuses. In the free spins mode and the bonus round, each player has a great chance of disrupting the progressive jackpot.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

The slot game-winning strategies

  • Rate: For each spin, it is better to bet up to 40 coins. With such a bet, you can quickly recoup and get more prizes. Many players believe that you should avoid the maximum rates. After all, you need to deposit at least 100 thousand coins to bet and win at maximum rates. In bonus rounds, you can win much more than in the main game.
  • Progressive jackpot and bet size: If you want to get the progressive jackpot, then it's better to play at the maximum rate. Only in this way you can take the whole grand prize. But in this case, have patience, because you have a very long game to play.
  • Bonuses: The launching of free spins and a bonus game is not very common in the slot machine. This usually occurs every 100-300 spins. You cannot manipulate the activation of any of the bonuses. Remember that in the bonus rounds, you can break the progressive jackpot.
  • Decide on the expenditure: Set up goals before starting the slot. It is necessary to choose how much you are willing to lose and what to win before you stop. When the deposit reaches the data the limit you set, it is necessary to leave the game.
  • How much to spend on the game? The slot is very fond of long game sessions and rewards all players who have committed the maximum number of spins. Do more than 500 spins and do not forget about the restrictions, and you will return the maximum reward.

Important tips to remember!

  • The bet size is important. You should not play at high stakes if you are not confident in your abilities.
  • Fighting for the jackpot should only be at the highest rate.
  • The frequency of the prize accumulation is very low. The slot rarely gives out big prizes, so do not chase after it.
  • The bonus game in which you can win a progressive jackpot runs quite often. It is necessary to make up to 300 spins of reels and be sure to catch the progressive jackpot.
  • In free spins, you can get good rewards and return loss of bets.
  • Do not forget that the size of the bet affects the outcome of the spin and the bonus, but do not get carried away. It is better to play at lower rates and save your bankroll.

Where to play

  • Register at Casumo casino and get a lot of rewards.

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