How to win at Kingdom of Legends

How to win at the Kingdom of Legends video slotEvery player desires to get a big prize, so we will tell you about how to win at Kingdom of Legends slot more. Especially for you, our experts have conducted numerous studies.

Below is a detailed description of only those strategies that increase the chances of the winning. You no longer need to develop your methods. Just read this article and apply the new knowledge to practice. You will certainly be lucky to get the maximum number of prize coins and, possibly, to break the progressive jackpot. By the way, we have a tip of the tester, so it is worth getting acquainted with his recommendations. This article will be useful especially if you desire to break the jackpot.

Personal testers opinion

If you decide to choose this slot machine, then you will get ready for spending the time. But it is worth it. The game process will have to spend a lot of time. Before the first spin, set limits for yourself that you will not neglect. They are described in detail in the article "How to win at the Kingdom of Legends slot", so we will not dwell on the limitations. But about the choice of rates should be told in more detail.

You should remember that the size of the bet depends on what part of the accumulative jackpot will be credited to the account when the coveted symbol combination falls out. Of course, it is better to play at the highest rate, and then the main prize will be entirely yours. But I would recommend not to get carried away and use a medium-sized bet. Then the probability of victory will increase. Do not forget that the game has a non-standard way of forming prize combinations, so first test the slot in demo mode and only after you proceed to the real game process. This slot will involve you, and it won`t regret!

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

  • Kingdom of Legends slot by NovomaticVolatility is 11,85 out of 20 (high).
  • Cycle length is long.
  • The rating of the slot machine for the wagering is 3,48 out of 10.
  • The frequency of falling of the bonus is statistically, every 243rd spin (0,41%).
  • The probability of a hit (any winning) is 33,80%
  • Distribution of the winnings is 45% in the usual spins and 55% in the bonus feature.
  • The maximum payout during the tests was 247x.
  • The average winning from the bonus was 94x.
  • The RTP of 94% does not allow you to get a positive mathematical expectation.

Secrets of the slot machine

  • The rate. The particular importance is a bet in this slot machine. The more it is, the larger the reward can be broken. But because there are no pay lines in the slot and you should choose medium-sized bets. This way you will avoid losing the bankroll and be able to control it. Maximum rewards are only available if you put 50 coins for a spin. Choosing such a bet, you should have more than 50 thousand coins on your account. So, think carefully, whether it is worth taking the risk.
  • Progressive Jackpot. With each bet is deducted a certain percentage on account of the accumulative jackpot. You can get the whole grand prize or a part of it. Depending on the combination of the dropped symbols and the size of the bet. It is impossible to influence the frequency of the loss of the main prize. You will need to make more than 500 free spins if you intend to pick up the jackpot. Note that the most significant win is extremely rare. The remaining combinations of symbols, which bring only a particular part of the jackpot, drop out more often. But still, they will also have to wait a long time. But the payment that you get in the end is worth it.
  • Free Spins. Free games will be launched often, especially if you play at the lowest rates. But then the winnings will not make you happy. It is recommended to select a medium-sized bet and wait for the activation of free spins. After the completion of the prize rotation, it is better to pause or reduce the stake by 50-60 spins. Affect the outcome of free rounds will be difficult.
  • Playing the odds. Do not risk with big prizes and increase the winnings more than three times in one round. Be careful and save your rewards for bets. So, you will be able to win more. Consider that the slot can offer to increase the small prize to an incredible size, but do not succumb to the temptation.
  • Limits. Before you start the slot, you need to set limits for your bankroll. You must stop betting on losing more than 1/3 of the score that was before the first spin. And it is necessary to stop right after the big jackpot is broken. Save the won coins, because often the slot stops giving out big rewards.
  • Use all strategies that are disclosed in the secrets of the slot machine, while you are playing for free in the demo mode slot.

Important to remember!

  • The bet must be the maximum if you want to collect the entire progressive jackpot.
  • If the account has less than 50 thousand coins, you will play at low rates.
  • Choose the rate according to the number of credits in the account.
  • Progressive Jackpot is rare.
  • In the free spin mode, you will be expected to win big wins, but only if you play at high stakes.
  • Do not take a lot of chances in the game.
  • Limits for bankroll will help you to avoid losses.

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