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How to win at Knight Quest

How to win at the Knight Quest slotThere is a huge number of bonus features in the online slot. But, many players do not know how to win at Knight Quest slot the maximum amount of rewards. We have decided to reveal all the secrets of the slot and present all the strategies that should be used in the game process. You will learn how to win and get huge portions of excitement. Be sure to read the information below and apply it when you are playing the slot game.

Personal testers opinion

I'm not attracted to online slots with numerous bonuses because they rarely give high-paying combinations. But in the Knight Quest slot machine, it's different. You can win big rewards if you play at a rate of 20 or 40 coins per spin. With such a rate, there is a very high probability of launching all the bonus features in the game. By the way, there is a risk game in the slot, so do not miss the chance to increase your prizes.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Slot game-winning strategies

  • The size of the bet: It is recommended to bet up to 60 coins on one spin since the slot has a very long cycle. Highly paying winning combinations to fall very rarely, so do not hunt them.
  • Bonus games: Each of the bonus games brings winnings, the size of which depends on the rate. You cannot affect their launch. Although, there is an opinion that at certain rates (20 and 40 coins per spin) bonuses are activated more often.
  • Risk game: Doubling winning at the Knight Quest slot game is easy. Guessing the colour of the closed card is necessary. The chances of winning and losing are 50:50.
  • Decide on the limits: The main strategy to win in this slot is to establish certain limits on winnings and losses. When the thresholds are reached, you need to stop the game. Each player determines his own.
  • How many spins are there in one session? You can win more prize coins if you make the maximum number of spins. Usually, in one session, an experienced player produces more than 1500 spins. But we must not forget about the limitations. If you exceed the available limits, be sure to spend time outside the game.
  • Trust your intuition: It is important to listen to your intuition. Trust your intuition, and you will not miss the chance of breaking a big jackpot. After all, it is your intuition that tells you what choice to make quite often.

Important tips to remember!

  • The presence of a large number of bonuses greatly influenced the outcome of the spins in the main game. Thematic symbols are extremely rare. But combinations with images of playing cards are formed as often as possible.
  • Free games bring awesome rewards, thanks to the unique features of the wild symbol. They are launched with a high frequency; approximately, every 200-300 spins.
  • The game gives large payments only if the gameplay has been played for a long time at the maximum rates.
  • There are certain limits on doubling the winnings in the risk game. Their size depends on the rate.
  • Do not risk win which is more than the current bet.

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