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How to win at Plenty of Fruit 40

How to win at the Plenty of Fruit 40 slotDo you want to win in the slot machine? Then read this article, and you will learn how to win. We talked about the simplest and most effective ways that affect the probability of winning in this slot game. Be sure to read the information below and apply it in practice.

You will learn how to win at Plenty of Fruit 40 slot and save your deposit. And you can find out the tester's opinion about all the strategies that should be used in this online slot.

Personal testers opinion

In a slot machine, you should always follow several rules. First, you should not play at the maximum rates if you are not ready to spend big money. Considered betting at the optimum rate that is not more than 40 coins. So, you can get good winnings without spending the entire deposit if you follow the simple rules. And, secondly, be sure to increase all winnings, which are less than the general rate.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Slot game-winning strategies

  • Frequent betting is the best way to win at Plenty of Fruit 40 slot machine. The online slot reacts to bet changes, so it is recommended to start the game with a minimum bet. After 2-5 losing spins, double it. Having received a winning, you need to lower the stake by 1-3 spins. Therefore, you should play all the time to get more winnings. Remember that after the slot gives out a large prize, it can only bring "empty" backs for a long time.
  • Choice in the risk game: It is not possible to say exactly what colour of the card will appear on the screen in the risk game. Therefore, no strategy deals with the risk game. The only advice that you need to listen to is not to risk big wins.
  • The maximum time for the gameplay: The game should be allocated more time than usual. The slot gives out the winning combinations with frequently and gives a backup. But you need to make at least 700 spins if you want to win.
  • Bankroll and restrictions: Begin the gameplay by choosing a limit. For example, the optimal limit of the loss should not exceed 40% of the deposit. If you lose many bets, you should stop the game. Otherwise, it will lead to the loss of the whole deposit. It is also worth remembering the limitations that apply to the number of coins won. If you raise the amount on the account by 40-50%, it is recommended to pause and think carefully whether it is worth continuing to play the game.

Important tips to remember!

  • The availability of 40 pay lines significantly increases the chances of winning.
  • Play at rates that match the size of your bankroll.
  • Control the number of lost bets, so as not to lose everything.
  • The low volatility of the slot allows you to get more winning combinations.
  • Do not forget about the fact that in the slot machine, there are no bonus options. So, in the main game, more prizes await you.
  • It is better to put no more than 1 coin per line and avoid large bets.
  • The risk game allows you to get more payouts, but there are some restrictions.
  • The pay-table shows the final reward for symbol combinations that depend on the bet per line.

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