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How to win at Sizzling Hot Quattro

The winning combinations in the slot machine drop out simultaneously on four fields. Therefore, you should use special strategies to win more in the slot. How to do this? We will explain in this article. Below we have provided detailed information and tips from the tester. Our strategies are confirmed by experts to increase the chances of winning, so apply them during the gameplay. Read this article carefully, and you will understand how to win at Sizzling Hot Quattro slot.

Personal testers opinion

The most important strategy is the right bet. It allows you to win more in Sizzling Hot Quattro slot machine. It is better to bet from 20 to 60 coins on one spin. Do not play at too low and high stakes. The slot has low volatility, which means that the probability of losing high-paying prize combinations is very high. Since there are no bonuses in the slot machine, it is rather generous for payment. And if the payment size does not suit you, then you can double all the prizes won for you in the risk game. But it is better not to risk the winnings, which are two or more times higher than the final rate.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Slot`s winning strategies

  • Selecting a bet: You can bet at different rates. But the probability of winning at the Sizzling Hot Quattro increases if you put up to 80 coins on a spin. Do not play at the rate of 100 coins or put less than 20 coins per spin. If you choose a bet of 40 coins per spin, the highest prize awaits you.
  • The risk game: Each win of small size should be doubled in the risk game. The lower the payment, the more times you should take risks. But here, large rewards should not be risked in the risk game. After all, the probability of winnings is only 50%.
  • The maximum loss: You should lose no more than 20% of the amount for one game session that was on the deposit before the first start. If the limit is exceeded, stop immediately. Do not play any further; otherwise, you risk losing most of your deposit and not recouping.
  • Limit on winnings: Do not get carried away with the big winnings. It is better to know when to stop. If you increase your bankroll by at least 50%, immediately stop the game. Do not continue to bet, because it is likely that you will lose most of your credits and not have time to recoup.

Important tips to remember!

  • Do not significantly increase the chances of winning four playing fields with five reels. After all, in every field, there are only 5 pay lines.
  • Reduce the number of active lines and play at the maximum stakes on one playing field.
  • Playing the game at the highest rate per spin is not recommended, because the probability of losing is too high.
  • Winning 50,000 coins is extremely rare. Usually, the slot gives a combination of five sevens every 1000-1500 spins.
  • Additional functions are not available, so the slot returns more played bets.
  • You can increase any of the winnings in the risk game, which does not exceed the allowed limit.
  • Do not double your winnings more than three times in a row.
  • Consider all the restrictions and do not try to play further when the available limits are reached.

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