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How to win at Wild Adventure

Have you set yourself the goal of winning at Wild Adventure slot machine? Then we will show you how to increase the chances of winning by applying unique strategies. Each method is checked by our experts so that you can use them during gameplay without any fear. And we also have tips from the tester. He left a few recommendations on how to win at Wild Adventure slot.

Personal testers opinion

I would recommend putting between 9 and 30 coins for a spin. You should not make a bigger bet than this, because the multipliers for the prize combinations are too small in the slot machine. If you want to win in the slot, you will have to try very hard. I advise you to take more risks in the risk game and also wait for the launch of free spins. They are always profitable; although they are activated approximately at every 50-150 spins.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Slot game-winning strategies

  • Rate: There is a small range of rates in the slot machine. You should bet no more than 60 coins on a spin. But because the multipliers for the prize combinations are small in size, it is better to play at low or medium rates. It is better to spend more time playing the game.
  • Free spins: The bigger the bet, the bigger the prizes you can win in free games. But most often free games are run at rates that do not exceed 30 coins per spin. You can win at Wild Adventure more with the option that works in free spins.
  • The Risk Game: Each player needs to double his last win five times in a row. But it is better to double your winning no more than three times, and only risk small payments, which are equal or less than the final bet rate.
  • More rotations bring larger payouts: The gaming machine issues win when you make the maximum number of spins. Usually, the slot returns the stakes played with a periodicity of 300-700 spins. Therefore, you should make more rotations to recoup.
  • Limits: Set limits for each game session, which will depend on the size of the deposit. If you lose more than 30% of the bankroll, you need to make a long pause. And an increase in the number of credits on the account by 40-50% or the receipt of a large payment indicates the need to stop the game. Make a stop and enjoy the received portions of excitement.

Important tips to remember!

  • A bet of 60 coins per spin can bring numerous winnings. But at the same time, your deposit must be at least 1,000 times more than your bet rate.
  • Play the game at rates that allow you to make at least 500 spins.
  • Free rotations to return the bets played and give out a big jackpot.
  • Do not take chances, if the last prize is 3 or more times the total bet.
  • Double your winnings no more than three times in a row. After all the risk of parting with the payment is too big.
  • Free spins are often run. Approximately every 50-100 spins; the slot gives out a prize combination that launches free games.
  • Do not forget to stop the game in time, if all the allowed limits are exceeded.
  • The game will not bring the desired results at low rates.

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