The Microgaming slots with the high variance

The Microgaming slots with the high varianceThe Microgaming brand does not need in introduction. This gambling Corporation pleases its fans with the excellent slot machines for many years, the number of which already goes to hundreds. Moreover, the developer tries to keep up with the times and soon, we will see the first slots with the virtual reality. But this topic is for another article, but now we will talk about the Microgaming slots with the high variance in which you can win at least a very significant amount of money. All of this is really due to the huge variance in some slots. The difference between the minimum and maximum payoff is huge in such games.

Let's remember the products of Novomatic. Many games of this company have a very high variance. That is why they can gobble up a huge amount of bets without any remorse. It is normal for them. The same analogues have the Microgaming, but they are not so much. The company for the most part inclined to the average values. You need be very careful approach to the issue of creating such games: they have to give the big wins, but at the same time to do it not too slow (otherwise they have no one to play). Learn more about the winnings’ dispersion at the slot machines and the cyclical nature wins:

The Microgaming Slots with the high variance

So here's our rating of the most risk slots from Microgaming (in no particular order):

Break Da Bank Again

Maximum winThe bonus feature is the main in this slot. The slot machine will eat the bets without the bonuses and the bankroll is to melt before your eyes. Somehow the wilds help (they increase the winnings for 5 times), but they are not enough. The bonus game is triggered by three scatters with the image of the safes. The player gets 15 free spins with a multiplier of X5. It seems nothing special, right? Yes, nothing special, just the big wins. Unfortunately, a really large payment falls very rarely and it needs to land five identical symbols on an active pay line (and, incidentally, just 9). Otherwise, the winnings you are not satisfied. The specifics of the most high variance slots: high risk is a high reward. Do you want big payouts? You need to take the large bankroll with you. Oh, RTP at the Break Da Bank Again slot is quite reasonable – 95.43%.


This slot can add the several thousand to your bet, although most of the gameplay will have to observe micro-winnings (less the initial bet or in this area). But it is the price. As in the previous case, the main feature here is the bonuses. It is impossible to win much. Three to five scatters give from 20 to 30 spins with a multiplier of X6. And sometimes these free spins give the drifts a few thousand bets! The payout percentage is adequate – 95.22%. By the way, there is a second version of the Isis in which Microgaming tightened more and the progressive jackpots (the same as in Mega Moolah). Jackpot is triggered completely randomly.

Supe it up

Supe it UpThis is a clone of the popular Isis slot - Supe it up machine with the high variance. Its topic is completely different, but from the technical point of view it works exactly the same. The same bonus system for 20 to 30 spins with a multiplier of X6. And the all magic will happen in it. In other periods you must be prepared both mentally and financially to prolonged and excruciating agony in the form of tiny wins and empty spins. By the way, the bonuses you can expect 200-300 spins, and easily. So do not expect for the quick victories. This slot requires patience that most players don't possess. The return of the machine is 95.22%.

Pretty Kitty

This is one of the recent slots in the Microgaming lineup. It is made in the theme of the cats. And there are all sorts of the beautiful stones. The slot is clearly male. One of the main chips is the expanding symbols (they occupy the entire height of the drum). Also, there are expanding the wilds. There is also a traditional bonus system with the free spins – up to 30 pieces with a multiplier of x1. We can say that it is less dispersive version of the previous machines (and most lately in this article). But in general, it is also the high variance slot in which you can win around 1,000 or more bets per spin. It is important to note the value of the RTP – as much as 97.00%! This is a very solid number.


CashvilleThis is a very old slot machine (2005 release). It is made in the appropriate for that time style. Here are quite primitive symbols, and not the most impressive graphic. Thank God, over the years Microgaming has significantly improved the visual aspect of this slot. Now it is quite popular classic slots from the more popular brand. Unlike the games above, this slot has no free spins. The bonus system in Cashville is quite simple: you have to choose one of four main characters who will have any privileges to choose from. For example, the oil rigs or the dogs’ portraits. Behind them will be hidden the prizes.

The most interesting thing is the maximum payout. Here it is 45,000 coins! You need to get five wilds on one pay line and you will win. But it sounds much easier than to implement it in the practice. Even the second largest win is greater than the maximum payment at many of today's slot game is 10,000 coins. By the way, the slot has a risk game and one small feature: the wild substitutes for all symbols except for one billionaire. Finally, don't forget about recoil – it is 95.99%.

High Society

High SocietyThis game is released in 2014. It is made with Cashville. There are two slots on the subject of luxury lifestyle, high rollers and money. In the gaming industry it is unfashionable now, but there are some fans of this topic. There is a bonus game with free spins in High Society, and the expanding wilds on the first and fifth reels. The bonuses don’t drop often (sometimes is very rarely). If you hit the bonus, it is always big. In the beginning the game suggests two options to choose from: the free Spins feature with the Wild Desire in Immortal Romance, or free spins with the multipliers.

The both options have a right to life, so you can choose according to your taste. By the way, the maximum multiplier is X10. If you roll a scatter on the first or fifth reels it increases. There are retriggers that can significantly increase the time of the bonus game. In general, the really big wins occur in the bonus program rarely. In the base game you can win decently too, but the bonus it’s cannot be compared. In general, the slot can be compared with the Break Da Bank Again its fans would definitely like it. However, from the point of view payout High Society will be better – 96.80%.

Immortal Romance

Immortal RomanceThis is the one of the most popular online slot machines. It is not included in the high variance category. It has the medium variance. But you can always win a lot in this slot, so it fits for our review. The Immortal Romance slot has four different variations of the free spins feature and the wild reels. The game is made on the "engine" Thunderstruck 2, only the visual design is significantly different. All bonuses give about the same wins on the long haul, so from a mathematical point of view, they are roughly equivalent.

By the way, the Immortal Romance has always the problems with the stakes. The high rollers can't do a lot of bets: the most common maximum bet is limited to $6 and only in some cases comes to $60. So this slot is the perfect solution for players with the limited bankrolls. As for the payout, it is 96.01-96.86%. This is a serious indicator. Overall, the Immortal Romance recommended to all fans of gambling, regardless of whether you like a high or some other variance. This slot is simply fun to play.


This is another legendary Microgaming slot. It can be called the old man, but he is still adored by many. There is also a second version of this slot which has some difference from the original. For example, the volatility (dispersion) it is much lower. As in the case of the Immortal Romance, the Thunderstruck slot cannot be called a highly dispersive. It's more of a medium variance slot, but it is very interesting and able to let a lot of winning. The bonuses with 15 free spins and X3 multiplier falls in Thunderstruck isn’t so rare – about once in 150 spins. The average wins several tens of times higher than the rate in it. But sometimes it can pay X500+. There are retriggers in the game, which means the potential to greatly extend the bonus game. Well, the RTP of 96.10% indicates a high level of impact.

Should you play slots with the high variance?

Of course, it is tempting to win tens of thousands of times more than the original bet per spin. All of this is fueled by stories and rumors in the spirit: "I watched the video where the man fell for five wilds. It's just unreal!". Yes, you can win really well, but it's a lottery. And if you want to go through all the antics of dispersion you should be carefully prepared. For example, the serious players contribute to the game the big budgets: dozens, maybe hundreds of thousands dollars. They understand that the bonus can appear only in 200-300 spins or even later. They realize that even if it falls, it doesn’t guarantee a big win. Five characters on the one line and moreover five bonus symbols on the one line are fall extremely rare.

A few short tips to curb the high variance:

  • Select a certain amount of money to play slots with the high variance (500 bets+).
  • You need to thoroughly study all the rules of the selected slots: what are the symbols can wins, how it’s activated etc.
  • Follow a certain algorithm. For example, if the bonus doesn’t appear in the first 200 spins, you stop the game. No "a couple" or "that's got to be a winner"!
  • Close the slot after reaching a certain level of profits – for example, 50% of the amount.

Well, that's all. This should be enough. The human players are lazy and they like to deviate from the rules. You must struggle with these wishes. Come up with your own algorithm and do not deviate from it.

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