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The most important things at the slot machines

The most important things in slot machines
Since the creation of this blog, I have written a bunch of articles and assumptions; some of them are now funny to read, especially those about triggers, etc. However, in this text, I have decided to name the most important thing that I have realised after a year of playing slots.

The return isn’t dependent on the particular casino

If you play using licensed software, it makes no difference at what casino you play; just like it doesn't matter how many people are playing at the casino. For example, let's take the leading provider – NetEnt. When you start a game (no matter in what casino), the whole process takes place on NetEnt’s servers! The casino is just a shell that accepts deposits, handles cash-outs and gives bonuses. That's all!

However, the main thing is that choosing a casino that uses licensed software is a smart move! In addition to licensed software, there is a huge number of fakes; for example, a fake Novomatic (Book of Ra, Lucky Lady Charm, etc.) Recently, there were even cases of fake NetEnt. Usually, casinos with fake software can easily be distinguished by the fact that they do not have a complete set of slots. Furthermore, any slot machine from a good provider has its mathematical model. This is what affects the outcomes, not the casino. Slots work and produce random values according to their mathematics; therefore, the most important indicator for each slot machine is its RTP (return to player).

RTP is our everything!

Unfortunately, slots and all other casino games are always favourable towards the house. The only way to be in the black (at the short-range) is to shake the maximum dispersion as well as play slots with the highest RTP or rather with the lowest house edge! If you look at the first slot manufacturers, you’ll notice that many offer reasonably low returns. For example, the well-known Book of Ra slot has an RTP of just 94.26%; that is, the house edge is 5.74%, and that's too bad! To put it simply - the slot is shit and rubbish! In general, I avoid playing slots with RTP below 96%, and you are advised to do the same as well! Check out all Netent slots RTP.

In a nutshell, the undisputed leader when it comes to RTP is NetEnt; I used to think that this software offers standard returns, but not any-more! Moreover, in addition to RTP, there is another important thing called volatility, which is also called variance. Simply put, this is the margin of maximum, medium and small payouts. Imagine that one slot throws a lot of small winnings, while another one doesn't pay any small winnings, but triggers big bonuses or shows high-paying symbols only. Also, there is a thing commonly known as a slot cycle. For example, the slots DOA or Wish Master would have very long cycles, they need a lot of time to complete, and you will rarely manage to win something during short sessions, although the RTP of the latter game is high 98%.

In other words, if the RTP of a slot is below 96%, you must forget all about it. This is the lowest acceptable threshold. Furthermore, if you want to play for a long time and with small bets, you should choose slots with high volatility. The truth is that winnings under such circumstances will come rarely. For me, the most effective way is to play high stakes slots with low to the average volatility. I think everyone knows that my favourite slot in this direction is Space Wars, but I also like the slot Bridesmaids by Microgaming and even Victorious and Dazzle Me by NetEnt. I believe that the only way to win and earn money is to play at a very high stake, and not for an extended period of the time. The more we play, the more we lose, and our calculations lead to specific numbers. Roughly speaking, if we bet a dollar per spin and the slot has an RTP of 96%, we can calculate that each spin costs us 4 cents, or 100 spins cost 4 bucks and so on.

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