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Poker, Betting or Casino?

"Of the three evils choose the lesser."

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What is better poker, betting or casino?
The cash, MTT, seats or spins.  You may choose whatever you like the most. You better stay away from money; the rest is less risky. Poker is dangerous by its misleading. They keep saying that this is the game of beautiful minds. Damn, what are you talking? Math for beginners? You would not see any problematic calculations, but it does require a strong psychological background. You may see such brainwashing on TV. They continue to show us the lives of the poker stars. These stars keep clicking that damn mouse in the early Monday morning while their neighbours have a job where they must go. The illusion is the source of gambling. You would rather gamble than do something useful. And in your 30s you realise that poker is bullshit and you are useless. No job, no skills, no desire.

Fuck it, there still might be outs, but they require a harsh discipline, patience, perseverance and monotony. Do not even try to cheat the RNG, keep playing against the other players and hope that they will do something wrong or wait for the lady luck sign. Fuck the rigged outcomes, because they do not give us a chance. The primary source of income is the fish or the newcomer. And it is not so easy to cheat them, because they stay away from these bad jokes. They are full of poker. I would rather see poker as a hobby, a pastime, a light dose of adrenaline. It is the best option when moving from a casino or betting. Read more about what is better poker, betting or casino in this article below.

Poker is dead. Many big portals keep advertising different casinos. Most of you have seen that streamer who deposited $250 000, right? I bet they cheated; I was following his streams. I am not going to find the moments when he was angry and fucked up. It was a good game, right? Then he won, and another star had born. Look, you might be interested! But remember what he said just after making that deposit: fuck this poker because I am not going to waste my life with it. And that is all.

Betting, Bookies

I still managed to bet offline, and I have already written about how I won a thousand by betting $2. I am always keeping an eye on those who play. Betting is so much worse than a casino. By betting you will lose everything quite fast. Congrats, you have a gambling problem if you take the odds higher than 1,2. I am not an expert, but the most writings of the players are saying that betting is quite similar to the casino. But it is still the worst choice. I should admit that you again can win. There is a quite simple strategy; you should pick all the lowest odds, analyse them and withdraw according to your plan. We will come back to this later. It is a one-way ticket to the bottom.

Online Casino

So, what? My blog is about the lesser evil. As a conclusion:

A gambling problem could destroy any game; it will no longer feel the way it felt before. The choice is yours. No, wait, the game has already chosen you.

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