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Online casino secrets

Online casino secrets
The main law of gambling business is that the casino always wins. However, it does not decrease the number of gamblers. Some people need to feel the "sharp" life. Somebody driving the car at 250 km/h, somebody jumps with a parachute or climbing the mountains - all these things need preparation and time. But online gambling does not need it. You can do some clicks, and you're already getting adrenaline during bonus features or winning. After the first huge win, you're already addicted. As your brain will remember it forever. This is the most important secret of all online casinos.

On this page, you will find some hints and tricks that can increase your chances on the big win.

The list of casino secrets

We suggest you read the following casino secrets:

The major secret of any casino is bonus traps

The first place is reserved for "welcome offer" in any online casino's website. Put €100 and casino will double it – isn't this great? A lot of new members fall into a trap by clicking on the "Get bonus" button.

The main secrets of online casino are:

  • 1. Bonus wagering requirements. If you accept the bonus money with wagering requirements, you cannot cash-out the winning, until the bonus wagering requirement is done. For example, if you got a €100 bonus with a wagering of 40x, wagering €4000 (40x100) is necessary. Usually, online casinos don't allow you to complete the bonus wagering requirement in roulette, table games, live games, as well as slot machines with high volatility and big potential of winning.
  • 2. The bonus offer is placed at the most visible place. And the bonus terms and conditions are so hidden that only experienced player may find and understand all restrictions and limitations of this offer.

Non-random event

Play Fortuna
The slot machine's symbols, the spin in online roulette, cards in blackjack - all these depend on the random number generator. Many reliable "European online casinos", are happy to provide benefits to loyal clients, particularly if they have lost a lot. This indicates that a high-roller is much more important for the online casinos and more likely to win. You can find out more details in the article how the software classifies gamblers.                                     

Gambling strategies

At the beginning of this article, we stated that a casino always wins. This refers to the situation when a player doesn't use any strategies. But there are some ways to reduce the risks.

It is important to be realistic and understand that there no such strategies to change the mathematical expectation from the game. The only exclusion from the rule is to obtain bonuses and professionally play them through (bonus-hunting). We refer to this in the article how to beat the casino with the help of mathematics. Nevertheless, even in this case, the win is not guaranteed. Yes, the mathematical expectation will be on the player's side, but even in this case, the player may lose.

How to motivate a gambler to play

Psychology of gambling
In an online casino, the players' passion is the main key to success. As the more addicted the players are - the more profitable it is for the casino. The more spins customers do, the higher is the possibility to lose. As with the increase, the number of spins RTP (return to player percentage) will be more and more accurate. Let us discuss a few secrets of online casinos that push a gambler to continue playing.

  • Bonuses have a limited «expiration date»: a week, ten days.
  • Sometimes bonuses (particularly personal ones) offered by online casinos have quite low or no wagering requirements. The only aim of such bonuses is to make player warm and to "feel the taste of gambling". After this nothing can stop him from losing all his money.
  • Online casinos are spreading the news about very big winning. Usually, people think in such a way: "If an ordinary taxi driver from Michigan could have become a millionaire, why I shouldn't try?"
  • Gambling creates an illusion of a close and easy victory: Oh my God, just one more symbol in the slot for feature triggering, or one desired card in poker for a royal flush.
  • As a rule, trusted online casinos withdraw money to bank cards or e-wallets quite quickly. The competition among online casinos nowadays is cruel and every one of them trying to do their best to get addicted high-roller.

Where to play?

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