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How to win at Crusade of Fortune

How to win at Crusade of FortunePay attention, and if you are a fan of fantasy and bloody strife, you will be delighted. Do you prefer fantasy? If yes, welcome! Nowadays more and more popular become the slots and games which theme are monsters, blood, orcs, mystery and you need to kill the evil. Your trophy will be high, but it depends on your activity and winnings in the slot.

This game is devoted to you. Now you can not only wet or kill the monsters, beating on the keyboard, but also defeating the orcs and of course, cut down for this money. Here we will tell you how to win at Crusade of Fortune slot. You will not only have to consider the mathematical factors of winning but also go on a real crusade. Please, note that Netent no longer supports this gaming machine.

Personal testers opinion

This slot has a lot of advantages. For instance, the theme of the game is famous now, and fantasy is on the top. So, if you want to be in the mainstream, you will need to play the game. Another kind of advantage is the design of the game, the monsters and orcs look like real, so do not forget that it is not the reality. The rules of the slot machine are easy enough to understand.

At the moment, this slot is provided by Netent. The main goal for us is that you appreciate and like to play again and again. Many players have already played, so join up! The machine very clearly shows the end of cycles and the beginning of new ones. Learning to notice such things and learn all the secrets of the Crusade of Fortune slot, the player can always go out at the peak of the winnings. Also, the amount of winning will astonish you. That`s why we recommend you try your strength in this amazing and fantastic slot!

Secrets of the slot machine

  • In free mode, the slot showed and demonstrated stability. The long dips and sharp bursts of payments were not observed.
  • The change in the denomination of coins does not affect the duration of the cycles.
  • There were no distinct results on certain rates.
  • In the bonus round, where your opponent is an orc, you can theoretically knock out up to 250,000 coins. During the bonus free games, the prize amount can be even higher.
  • Be sure to start playing for free in the Crusade of Fortune slot machine without registering. This will help you deal with the bonus round, where you can attack, defend or block punches.


  • The developer of the slot is NetEnt.
  • The cycle length is medium. The average cycle is performed at the expense of potential large winnings in the cadre bonus round. In the main game, small funds are played out quickly.
  • The variance of winnings is average. The average variance of winnings is observed only during the bonus round. 95% of bonuses will give you small and medium wins.
  • The maximum winnings are 300,000 coins.
  • RTP of 95.9% does not allow you to get a positive mathematical expectation of winning.
  • Now there are fewer secrets left, like winning the Crusade of Fortune slot machine. Therefore, take with you bonuses from the casino and go hiking for good luck.

You can play at Crusade of Fortune slot in following the Netent casino

  • The following operators are ready to join your retinue. Choose what you prefer, after getting acquainted with the arsenal of casino warriors. Play Fortuna wins 20 big spins at $ 1, Friday's cashback and daily bonuses to replenish the account. Such a warrior will cost you depending on your status - from x45 to x30 wagers.

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