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How to win at Master of Mystery

How to win at Master of Mystery
If you are attracted to spectacles which done with the help of modern magicians, then don't miss a show from Master of Mysteries, compared with which David Copperfield may seem like a boy with the fair booth. You have to pay more for the tricks of a great magician, while Master of Mysteries is ready to win gold for the lucky winner. Also, we will show you how to win at Master of Mystery slot.

You have a great chance to learn the difficult profession of a magician. But, fascinated by this interesting, you don't forget about the embedded slot positive mathematical expectation of the winning. After gathering all the recommendations together and having the demo test, you will understand how to win at Master of Mystery slot machine.

Probabilities of winning and bonus, declared by Netent

  • The maximum winning that is available in this slot is quite impressive. For one spin, you can win up to 270000 coins. But this prize and any other payment drop out infrequently, so far as the probability of winning one spin is 27.8%. Many games have a higher index, and it is worth thinking about.
  • If we consider the percentage of the return, which is equal to 96.6%, then this indicator will consist of several parameters. So, from the general fund of the bets, 55,1% of coins will be paid at the connection of two neighbouring coils. The awards are paid less often when three and four reels unite. The percentage of payments in these cases is equal to 17.8% and 15.8% accordingly. The payments for the connection of five coils are reserved only 7.8% of the bets.

Personal testers opinion

Before us is a clone of the acclaimed Twin Spin slot machine from NetЕnt. It is possible that some players will disagree with me, but, in my opinion, the original was so much better. There are those 243 pay lines, a function of linked reels, RTP is 96.6% and 270 000 coins as the maximum win. The average cycle and the high variance of wins guarantee the adrenaline during the game and create a serious risk at high rates and a small balance. It is a neutral recommendation.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Strategy of the winning

  • We were quite pleased when we are trying to do tricks in free mode. The winnings went on with few interruptions.
  • There is a change of props, and changing the size of the bets made on the slot cycles of particular influence.
  • The game immediately on 243 pay lines gives you more chances of forming the winning combinations.
  • The intrigue and coins in the games treasury add the Linked Reels option, forming the same images on adjacent reels. With the help of this option, you can earn the maximum amount of coins.

You can play at Master of Mystery slot in following Netent casinos

Several online casinos handed out invitations on a real show with tricks and bonuses. Choose what you like and don't forget to take advantage of the tips on how to win at Master of Mystery slot machine.

  • If you are not worse than any magician and you don't feel willing to reveal their identity, then go to TTR casino. The operator doesn't require compulsory verification and takes money in just 15 minutes.
  • Try your luck at Play Fortuna casino. Here on the top of the welcome deposit bonus and reload bonuses, you can get the bonus without making a deposit, which will be $20. Such generous magic tricks are not all gambling establishments.

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