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How to win at Beach online slot?

How to win at Beach slot

The sun caresses you with warm rays, and a gentle breeze pleasantly blows out the water and waves bring symbols. Now is the best time to think about how to win at Beach online slot. Our testers are always ready to provide you with all reliable information about that slot machine. However, as the common truth says: the salvation of drowning people, the work of the drowning themselves. And so, reading the tips on how to win this game, don't forget to test this slot in free mode.

Probabilities of winning and triggering of bonus features declared by Netent

  • RTP (return to player percentage) in Beach slot is 96.8%. During main spins up to 73.5% of the bets are returned, and during the bonus, free spins feature the 23.3% of the fund is played.
  • The probability of hitting any winning during usual spins is 34.6%, but in free spins feature is 69.8%. Statistically, every 160th spin will trigger the bonus free spins feature.

Personal testers opinion

Beach is a bright example of the online slot with a "stretch" cycle. The more spins you make, the longer will be the cycle of winning. During the test, the slot machine showed long periods of spins without any winnings. The free spins feature never was triggered by more than 3 scatters. This slot gave winnings rarely, but they were big. We do not recommend to high-roll here. As soon as the game balance is doubled, you must change this machine to another. Pay attention, that this machine is not popular nowadays. That fact influences a lot on the winning prize pool.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

  • Volatility is 4,04 out of 20 (low).
  • Cycle length is short.
  • The rating of the slot machine for the wagering is 6,28 out of 10. Bonus hunters can try to complete bonus wagering requirements here.
  • The frequency of triggering the bonus free spins feature is statistically every 165th spin (0.61%).
  • The probability of a hit (any winning) is 35,79%.
  • Distribution of winnings is 88% in the usual spins, and 12% in the bonus free waves feature.
  • The maximum winning during the tests was 78x.
  • The average winning from the bonus was 31x.
  • RTP of 96.8% allows obtaining a positive mathematical expectation of the winning in the casino.

Secrets, strategies and tricks

  • This online slot is showing the high connection between testing in demo mode and real money gambling.
  • The cycles of win/loss didn't change depending on the bet and size of coins.
  • We received the best results in real money mode playing via €10 per single spin.
  • Try to leave this slot after big winning. 
  • You should high-roll in Beach online slot only in popular online casinos with a big number of players. Only their game can fill the prize pool for big winnings and allow you to hit a big win. 

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