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How to win at Secret of the Stones

How to win at Secret of the StonesWhat do you know about the druids? Only that they lived far from people and engaged in healing and magic? So now is the time to solve the runes and learn the secrets of the ancient stones. It is difficult to guess that they store encrypted letters - the prediction of the next most exact end of the world or the secret of how to win at Secret of the Stones slot. Our testers have already started research, and they are ready to share with you the results. But, spinning stones on the reels and communicating with the elder in the form of wild symbol closer, it is worth remembering that not all the clues can be exact. The percentage of payouts 96.7% is certainly high, but still, it does not guarantee a positive mathematical expectation of winning.

The Stonehenge stone circles are in England. People transported the first stones to this place about 5000 years ago. We do not know a lot about Stonehenge. Who built it? How did they build it? Why did they build it? It remains a mystery. How did people use Stonehenge? Maybe they used it as a cemetery or a place for studying the sun and the stars. Maybe it was also a temple. It is still a special place for some people today. Every year, on June 21, many people go to Stonehenge to celebrate the longest day of the year.

Probabilities of winning and bonus, declared by the provider

  • The probability of getting winnings in a slot consists of two parameters. In the main spins, you can get 56.9% of the made bets from the general fund, but 39.8% are reserved for free spins. The overall indicator is 96.7%. Analysing the data, we can conclude that in this game, getting a winning will be easy.
  • By the way, up to 356 250 coins you can get only for one spin and the probability of the loss of this or any other winnings reach 38.9%. In simple words, every third or fourth spin will be successful for you.
  • Moreover, the most pleasant surprise awaits you in bonus spins. The probability of their activation is 0.775%. But winning combinations are formed in almost every spin. After all, the probability of loss of any pay combination of symbols is 92.7%.

Personal testers opinion

Secret of the Stones slot machine is probably my most favourite slot in NetEnt product line. On the one side, this is quite an active game in the normal mode. Quite often, the slot uses the five oldest symbols on the active line to return some of the money in the form of big winning. On the other side, every bonus round is a huge potential winning. If luck smiles to you, and you choose the wild reel 2 and the wild reel 4, then a winning almost the several hundred bets, you will be practically guaranteed. I tried to choose and the different stones and the same. As a result of my observations, I can make the conclusions that the prizes under the stones do not depend on the choice of the player but depend on the current state of the slot. Pay attention that often many online casinos exclude this slot machine from games in which you can perform wager requirements for bonuses. I left the positive recommendations for playing for the real money.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

  • Volatility is 9,42 out of 20 (from average to high).
  • Cycle length is from average to long.
  • The rating of the slot machine for the wagering is 2,67 out of 10.
  • The frequency of falling three scatters and triggering the bonus feature is statistically every 133rd spins (0,75%).
  • The probability of a hit (any winning) is 35,10%.
  • Distribution of the winnings is 61% in the usual spins and 39% in the bonus feature.
  • The maximum payout during the tests was 1 500x.
  • The average winning from the bonus was 50x.
  • RTP of 96.7% allows getting a positive mathematical expectation of winning at the casino.

Strategy of game

Everyone knows that solving the ancient secrets is far from easy. There you need to know a lot and be able to do. So, if you decide to get down to business thoroughly, you should first study how to win at Secret of the Stones slot, and only then you will start to embark on a treasure hunt. It is appropriate to take advantage of the advice of our testers who have already unravelled the secrets of the stones and who are ready to share them with you.

  • As always, we advise you to start playing the slot in a test mode for the virtual coins. We found out that it shows the excellent results in it, often giving out combinations in which a wild symbol took part, and the free spins were often launched.
  • Changing the bets, we managed to influence the cyclicality of the slot machine.
  • The maximum winnings that reach 350,000 coins look impressive, but remember, you can get it only by launching a round of free spin and activating the additional prize options. The main game of а such luxury you will not allow.
  • As for the bonuses, we could get them when we got to the prize round. Depending on how many scatter symbols we had, we received as many elections as we visited the stone garden (from 3 to 5). At our disposal were the additional free spins, wild reels and the additional Wild signs. All of them contributed to the receipt of the good payouts.
  • When you carefully study all our tips, then you are not too lazy to check them in practice by first using the demo version of the slot and only then decide to play for the real money or leave this idea.
  • We liked the basic game, which not only flows quite active but also will please you with different emotions. In addition to empty spins, you can expect quite adequate winnings even without looking into the mode of free spins.
  • Nevertheless, it is obvious that the free spins are the goal that you still need to strive for. After all, only there are real chances to get out of the game with an excellent positive balance, although not every series of the free spins will be very generous.
  • It used to be that the main game gave us combinations with the high-paying symbols, thus returning some part of our funds at the expense of big winning.
  • The source to win a huge sum will be two wild reels with 5 or 10 the additional spins.
  • Free spins brought us the maximum win in x300 total bets, and we could not achieve more.
  • The returns in the base game are average, but the balance does not decrease rapidly by the fact that usually there are many wild symbols.
  • In the base game, we did not have any winning more than x50 bets. Four wild symbols can bring payment of x20-x30 bets.
  • It is possible to win a lot only in the exciting function of free spins. For all the time that we tested the slot, we had falling out only of three scatters and a couple of times four. We could not get all five scatter symbols.
  • Playing at a bet of € 1.25, we won for the time of free spins € 246, and after a while € 278.50.
  • Most of the winnings will come during the main round, but they tend to be small or medium.
  • In the process of studying the slot, we found out that the best combination for the bonus game will be the availability of two additional wild symbols owl and deer and the x2 multiplier. This combination brought us a victory in x250 bets. Quite often, we just got the additional free spins and multiplier or just an additional symbol.
  • The standard wild sign is often successfully combined with two additional wild places on the reels, and then almost every prize spin can bring you a great victory.
  • We understood that we needed to be a patient player to use free spin's function with a maximum benefit for ourselves. From the first time, you will not get the perfect combination of bonus functions. Therefore, you should realise that you will have to play an average of up to 5 prize rounds. It all depends on the mood of the slot at a particular moment. After you can win a large amount, it is worth immediately stopping the game and leaving the slot machine.
  • If for several hundred spins, you have failed, and the budget starts to decrease, then you will need to stop; otherwise, the probability of quickly staying with an empty wallet will be high.
  • The slot machine will not immediately disclose to you all the secrets and rejoice in quick winnings. From the very beginning, the slot will replenish its a prize fund if it is in a cold state. It is quite easy to identify this.
  • You must necessarily have a large stock of funds in your account to survive a possible series of the empty spins painlessly and then hold out to free spins.
  • Closer to 75 spins, the slot comes alive, and we were able to recover most of what we lost, minimising the loss.
  • It is noteworthy that the fact that in the base game the wild symbol is valuable. For 100 spins, we twice at a bet of € 5 were able to get two Big Win in € 130 and € 101, and an interval between them was small.
  • We have no recommendations on the level and size of the bets. Consider your financial capabilities. If they are not large, you can play with stakes of up to € 1.25. If you can afford a little more, then a € 5 bet will be a good option for you.
  • The slot machine shows the good results only for a long distance, so keep in mind that it is possible to make up to 1000 spins and more before you get the desired result.
  • In most cases, the main round gives out combinations consisting of three identical symbols. To get a longer chain we managed only due to a wild symbol.
  • Pay attention that you need to learn to identify the moment when the slot starts to issue a series of winnings and by that time you can slightly increase the bet, and then, when it again falls asleep for a while, reduce it to the minimum value.
  • By the way, it is difficult to reach the free spins, but it is quite real. It should be the basis of your entire strategy, both gaming and financial. To activate the bonus round, we needed at least 150 spins, but the average amount of attempts tends to 200.
  • With bets ranging from € 2.5 to € 5, drawdown during a game session can reach up to € 200- € 300. Consider this moment when you will replenish your balance.

You can play at Secret of the Stones slot in following Netent casinos

Do you carefully read all the tips on how to win at Secret of the Stones slot machine? So, it is time to find the tree of life and go bowling to the old druid. It will be hard for you to find it yourself and the winnings attached to it, so we recommend the help of the proven online casinos.

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