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How to win at Dragon Drop

How to win at the Dragon Drop slotThe mythical creatures - Dragons, today came to your aid and wished to share all the great mysteries. Mainly they want to tell you how to win at Dragon Drop slot. You have a chance to get more coins in a real game if you use all the tips described below. You need to study these methods and then apply them carefully.

You will increase your chances of the winning and become dragon lords. Our expert checked all the methods, and now there is evidence of their effectiveness.

Personal testers opinion

There are 25 fixed lines on the gaming machine, so the rate of 25 coins is optimal. Putting 1 coin on each line, you can get good awards. The game at such a rate allows you to get large winnings in the free spins mode, so stick to this tactic. As for me, the slot gave me pretty nice winnings in the main game and free spins. But with the risk game, it's better to be careful because you can lose more than you would like.

Therefore, increase only those payments that are less than the final bet rate. I also recommend trying to double the prizes and not multiplying them by a factor of x4. Following these simple recommendations, you will avoid large losses and will be able to get the maximum winnings. Be sure to read and understand how to win in the Dragon Drop slot using a set of strategies.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Winning strategies

  • Bet: A small range of the stakes allows each gambler to choose the best feature. If you have 50 000 on your gaming account, then you can safely place the maximum. But when there are fewer coins available, the average bets or small size will be optimal. You should also consider the balance between the stake and the bankroll.
  • Free Spins. The slot machine gives out pretty large payouts in the free spins feature. If you make at least 100 spins, then you will catch this round. And your winning always depends on the bet. It is better to place more if you want to break the big jackpot. After the end of free spins, it is recommended taking a break to save your reward. But, if the prize is small, then reduce the bet size and continue the gameplay.
  • Risk game. You can try to increase each winning but think carefully whether you want to do this or not. It is better to keep your rewards for betting than to risk them. The probability of large winning is not high. So, enjoy the game and do not take risks often.
  • Limits. It is important to consider the bankroll balance during the spinning of the reels. If you receive the winning that increases your game account by 40% or more, you should end the game immediately. After such winning, the slot machine stops issuing payments for several dozen spins. So, take a break, and luck will not deprive you of attention.

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