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How to win at Fairies Forest

How to win at the Fairies ForestIn the magical forest, you are expected not only by the mythical creatures but also by a lot of prizes. But to take them all, you need to know how to win at Fairies Forest slot.

You can succeed and get more coins when you apply all the methods described below. A lot of things depends on you, so do not miss the chance to increase the size of the payment and return all the placed bets. We also have some tips from the experienced tester.

Personal testers opinion

In this slot, there are 25 pay lines, each of which you can put 1 coin. Therefore, I recommend medium-sized bets. At least, I managed to get winnings with impressive sizes, regardless of the rate. Note that in the main game you can break a big jackpot since the slot is pretty generous for payouts. And even you can get more in the free spins mode.

But I advise you to stop the game as soon as the free spins are completed. After all, it is impossible to influence this bonus. The only bonus that can be influenced is the risk game. In it, you can choose the degree of risk. I would recommend reading the strategies and using them in the game. By the way, if you use the whole range of methods described in this "How to win in Fairies Forest slot" article, then the chances of winning will increase several dozen times.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from the testing team)

  • PaytableVolatility is 5,09 out of 20 (average).
  • Cycle length is average.
  • The rating of the slot machine for the wagering is 4.22 out of 10.
  • The frequency of falling of the bonus is statistically, every 149th spin (0,67%).
  • Distribution of the winnings is 70% in the usual spins and 30% in the bonus feature.
  • The maximum payout during the tests was 354x.
  • The average winning from the bonus was 34x.
  • RTP of 96.07% allows getting a positive mathematical expectation at the casino.

Winning strategies

  • Bet. A small range of the stakes in this slot machine attracts players with the small bankroll, but you can safely place the maximum bet. But the best thing is to choose a medium-sized bet. Thus, you will avoid еру large losses and will be able to return all placed bets in the shortest possible time. If you choose the low bets, then prepare to spend a lot of time in the game, as you will not increase your gaming account with significant amount soon.
  • Free Spins. Trigger free spins quite often. But the methods that can help to increase the frequency of their activation or the number of pay lines has not been created. You can try to wait for the re-spins, but this does not always work. So, it's better after getting a big winning in the bonus feature to stop the game process.
  • Risk game. You should be careful because the chances of winning in the risk game are 25% or 50%. It is recommended increasing only those payments that are equal to or lesser than one final bet. Try to guess the colour of the card and do not chase after the ghostly rewards.
  • Restrictions. Choose for yourself the limits that you are not ready to exceed in this game. For example, it is not recommended continuing the game when your bankroll has decreased to 30%. And when you receive the winning in the usual spins or the free spins feature, which increases the balance of the game account to 40% or more. The break is necessary.

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