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How to win at 5 Line Mystery

How to win at 5 Line Mystery slotLearning how to win at 5 Line Mystery slot is easy and simple. On our website, you will find only the interesting and accurate information that will help you increase your chances of getting the maximum number of profit. But remember, it is not enough to follow the rules to win in this slot machine, but with trust intuition and luck, you will smile.

This slot is part of a series of slots for classics lovers. We recommend that you also get acquainted with the rest of the 5 lines including 5 Line Joker fruit and 5 Line Multiplay. To play the slot game for free, click on the link at the bottom of the page.

Personal testers opinion

If we are to talk about 5 Line Mystery slot generosity, it gives infrequent and small prizes. The greatest number of rewards can be obtained by playing at a rate of 50 coins. This is the maximum size of the bet. But it is still worth playing the risk game. From a small prize, I was able to get pretty impressive prizes.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Winning strategies

  • Do not hurry: If you want to win, then do not be in a hurry. When you are playing this game, start with small bets. If the slot for a long time does not pay, increase it. After playing a bit with the low rates, it is possible to bet between 20 and 50 coins for a few runs. The gaming machine should give big prizes. Once again, you should start the game with low stakes.
  • Risk game: The online slot game at the highest rate will pay the maximum prize of 1250 coins. This indicates low amounts of other wins, so you can always be in the game to increase the risk. It is simply possible to receive an impressive payout with a small amount.
  • The bonus game: Remember, if you activate the bonus round, then be careful. The bonus game is where you can easily win a big prize, but it is necessary to rely on intuition. Many experts recommend not to use logic in this game. By the way, one more additional benefit can be obtained by collecting the main three bonus symbols of the game. Remember that its size depends on the rate at which you are playing. The more it is, the bigger the payout.

You can play at 5 Line Mystery slot in following Novomatic casinos

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