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How to win at Pumpkin Power

How to win at the Pumpkin Power slot
The number and size of winnings in the online slot depends a lot on the player. If you do not already know how to win at Pumpkin Power slot more, then read this article to the end. In this article, you will find only proven and reliable strategies that should be used to win more prizes in the gaming machine. By the way, you will also read the opinion of the tester. He talked about the secrets which allowed him to win more prizes in the slot machine. After reading our article, you can start applying the knowledge gained in the gaming machine.

Personal testers opinion

In the arsenal of Novomatic Company, online slots with 243 ways of connecting symbols to prize combinations are rare. To win in the slot, you must remember that you should not reduce the size of the multiplier or play at the highest bet rates. It is better to bet up to 20 coins on a spin. Of course, you can risk your deposit if you bet at the highest rate. Just remember that the slot gives out biggest payout in the free spins mode. Catch the free spins, and you will win.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Slot game-winning strategies

  • 243 ways for winning combinations: You can win more at the Pumpkin Power only if you do not decrease the size of the multiplier. Reducing the number of ways to form prize combinations adversely affects the probability of winning.
  • The bet per spin: You can bet a maximum of 50 coins. But the optimal rates are considered to start from 2 to 20 coins per spin. With these bets, the probability of winning is increased, since the slot gives out more prize combinations.
  • Free spins: Be sure to wait for the activation of free spins. This mode has a high percentage of payments so that you can break a big jackpot. You cannot influence the frequency of the activation of free spins mode.
  • Bankroll: Before you can win in this slot, you will need to set certain limits for yourself. For example, losing more than half of the deposit is not recommended. So, stop the game process as soon as your bankroll has decreased by 30%. And if you get a big prize that increased the deposit on your account by more than 50%, it's also worth pausing.

Important tips to remember!

  • In the gaming machine has 243 lines that generate bonus combinations; therefore, virtually every spin is a winning one.
  • Do not play at high stakes; the risk of losing is very high.
  • Play only at rates that are less than 20 coins per spin.
  • You can play in free spin mode.
  • Free spins don’t start often. It usually starts every 100-200 spins.
  • Bonus features that operate in free games increase several times the chances of obtaining the maximum number of winnings.
  • In the doubling game, try to increase only small prizes. You should not try to increase significant payments.

You can play at Pumpkin Power slot in following Novomatic casinos

  • Usually, withdrawals at Casumo casino will reach your electronic wallets in a few hours.

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