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How to win at Aztec Power

How to win at Aztec Power slotWhen playing an online slot, it is important to get the most excitement and win. Finding the right tactics to win in the slot games is often important to many gamblers. On our website, you will find information on how to win at the Aztec Power slot machine. Below, you can get acquainted with the basic strategies that are used in the slot, and still read the comments of the tester. All of the data will certainly help you to win a large sum.

Personal testers opinion

After testing the Aztec Power slot machine, I have the impression that it is very profitable. Of course, the maximum level of benefit is available when you play at the highest rate. But playing at the same bet size does not affect the frequency of winning combinations. Also, the rate did not affect the launch of free spins. They started after a few rotations. In this mode, I managed to get a major prize.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Winning strategies

  • Rates range: To win the best, you need to play at high rates. For example, 50 or more coins per spin. But if your account balance does not allow bets of this size, it will not affect the number of winning. Just the size of payments will be somewhat less. A certain rate which increases the chances of winning is not available in his slot.
  • Favourable free spins: Starting the 20 free spins is quite simple. It is only necessary to spend more time playing. Usually, this mode is started after a long string of losing spins. You will be able to win because the free spins give fantastic prizes. There is a special function that after the completion of the entire spins multiply the resulting gain with an additional multiplier. Its value depends on the outcome of the last spin, but it cannot be lesser than the value of x2.
  • Enlarge win: Another way to increase the size of a prize is to play the risk game. But it is worth remembering that it is necessary to risk only a small gain. After all, you have the 50: 50 opportunities to double the chance and pick up a prize or lose it.

You can play at Aztec Power slot in following Novomatic casinos

  • At Casumo casino, you can open an account in 2 currencies such as the GBP and EUR.

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