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How to win at Bubbles

How to win at Bubbles slotIf you intend to win a massive prize in this slot, then these tips are sure to help. We will talk about the secrets you need to play and win on the gaming machine, as well as offer a few strategies you can't get anywhere. Our strategies are sure to increase your chances of winning. And you will also read the recommendations of the tester who knows how to win at Bubbles.

Personal testers opinion

To date, there are several ways to win playing Bubbles gaming machine. This is a game for lower rates and for a long time. This is all because it gives frequent winnings, but usually, the winnings are always in small size. As for large payments, they are rare, because to say that x250 is a large reward is very difficult. This slot could not get my attention, although many players love it because it is profitable.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Winning strategies

  • Should I play at high stakes? When you are choosing the size of the bet, you need to consider your bankroll. On one spin, it is better to put no more than 1/1000 of the total deposit. This will allow you to maintain a positive balance and increase returns. And even experienced users are advised not to make big bets to win on this slot machine. It's so easy to lose all of the deposit in this gaming machine. It is better to play in the middle or lower rates. So, you will need to spend more time playing and get the maximum number of payments.
  • Wild symbol and free spins: Wild symbol shows up on the playing field more often if you play at the lowest rates. It appears much less frequently when you play at the highest stakes. Incidentally, the number of free spins that will also be launched depends on the size of the bet.
  • Risk game: A great way to increase your winnings is to run the game of doubles. Guessing the colour of the suit closed card is necessary. In this round, there are certain limits, but still, with a small amount, you can always get the big prize.

You can play at Bubbles slot in following Novomatic casinos:

  • Casumo casino will surprise you with a huge palette of bonus up to €400.

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