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How to win at Hold it Casino

How to win at the Hold it Casino slotIn the Hold it Casino slot machine, there are four reels, so the standard game strategy does not work there. We conducted our research, learned about the ways that experienced players play the slot game to make maximum profit, and combined all that with the recommendations of an experienced tester to help you win in the slot.

Now, you can learn how to win at Hold it Casino slot. Below, you will find only profitable game strategies that will increase your chances of winning.

Personal testers opinion

If you are thinking about how to win in this slot and not lose your deposit, then I will help you to do this. If you want to win in this slot, following several rules is necessary. First of all, do not put the maximum bet and do not risk big prizes in the risk game. That's all you need to do to get the huge prize from the slot machine.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Slot game-winning strategies

  • The bet on the spin: In the slot, the bet size does not affect the frequency and number of winning combinations. Therefore, it is impossible to determine the optimal rate. The only thing you should know is the low frequency of the loss of prize combinations with large coefficients.
  • Bonus from the wild symbol. Note that the symbol "Hold it" drops out very often on the reels of the slot. Especially, you can often see it at rates that do not exceed 10 coins. If you want to win at the Hold it Casino slot game, thanks to the wild symbol, then play for low rates.
  • A simple game of risk: After each successful spin, the slot will offer you a chance to double your last win. Do this only if the winning amount is too small and does not exceed the current bid. In other cases, it is better to stay out of risk game.
  • Consider the number of coins in your account: When choosing a bet on spin, always pay attention to the size of your bankroll. There must be an amount on the account, which is 1500-2000 times the rate. After all, the player needs to make at least 500 spins. The more spin you make, the closer to victory.
  • A special way of forming winning combinations: In the slot machine, there are four drums, but the winning combinations are as a result of the combination of only three identical symbols. Even though the percentage of return is average, winnings are often lost. Although most often, there are low-paid combinations of pictures.
  • Spend more time playing: The more you spin the drums, the higher the chances of winning big prizes. But remember that after the loss of the highest paid combination, it's better to stop the game. Give yourself and the slot time to rest, and then start the game again and enjoy the gameplay.

Important tips to remember!

  • The maximum bet in this slot does not allow to hope for a positive outcome in the game.
  • The option Hold It increases the chances of winning.
  • Limitations in the risk game will not allow you to double the winnings of a certain size.
  • Spend the maximum amount of time in the game process.
  • Winning combinations are added by connecting three identical pictures on the active line, starting from an edge.
  • The maximum prize is 2000 coins, provided that the game is conducted at the highest rate. Well, think whether it worth it or not.
  • All winnings in the payout table are based on the current bid. Be sure after selecting a bet that the table shows the winnings that meet your needs and desires.

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