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How to win at Jokers Casino

How to win at the Jokers Casino slotYou can spend a lot of time searching for the right strategy to win in a slot game, but we have decided to make it easier for you. In this article, you will find only the reliable information on how to win at Jokers Casino slot. Our experts have developed some strategies that should be used in the slot machine to increase the chances of winning. We also have a tip from the tester who have used different methods and knew how to win in the slot.

Personal testers opinion

The probability of a winning combination in Jokers Casino slot is very high because there are 54 prize lines in it. Having tested the slot machine at various rates, I concluded that you need to bet from 20 to 50 coins per spin. This will help you to keep your bankroll balance at a positive mark and ensure your winnings are large. I strongly do not advise playing at the maximum rate; there is too much risk of losing everything. I was also impressed by the mystical symbol, it brings large rewards and quite often issued them.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Slot game-winning strategies

  • The range of wagers and winnings: You can use different bets for the game. But to win at the Jokers Casino slot machine is easy if you play at rates up to 50 coins per spin. In this case, you will avoid unnecessary losses and receive large rewards. Do not play at the maximum bet. In this case, you have to spend too much time playing and therefore spend more.
  • Risk game: After each successful spin, you can increase your winnings. But for this, it is necessary to trust your intuition. And also ensure you don't risk big winnings because the probability of losing them is 50%.
  • Focus on a big win: Be sure to set a goal to win the maximum number of rewards. At the same time, set a certain range based on your bankroll. That is the minimum and maximum mark at which you want to achieve a certain reward or finish the game.
  • Time of the game: Play every day for several hours. And it's better to make at least 200 spins but pay attention to the restrictions. The more time you spend on the game process, the more you will return.
  • Profitable classic means: The four-reel slot gives more prize combinations, but usually these are low-paid combinations symbols. In any case, the representative of the classics is generous and allows each player to recoup. The main thing is to have patience.

Important tips to remember!

  • A non-standard number of drums and pay lines increases the chances of winning.
  • Do not play at a rate of 100 coins per spin if your account does not have 100,000 coins. It is better to choose lower rates.
  • The maximum winnings are extremely rare. It brings a mystical symbol, which is not found on the reels as often as one would like.
  • In the risk game, remember the limits and do not risk more than three times in a row.
  • The lack of bonus options positively affected the outcome of the spins in the usual spins.
  • Prize combinations are formed by combining only three characters, despite the presence of four reels.
  • The advantage of the casino is only 5%, so expect a positive outcome in the game.

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