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How to win at Ninjas Path

How to win at the Ninjas Path slotTo win in the slot, you need not only the favour of fortune but also the knowledge of several secrets. You will learn all the secrets you need to win the maximum prize in the slot machine in this article.

We will show you how to win at Ninjas Path slot by following simple rules. Be sure to use the strategies in your real game, and your chances of winning will increase significantly.

Personal testers opinion

Ninjas Path gaming machine has low to average volatility. Hence the number of "empty" spins here is minimal, but the wins do not come with large multipliers. This slot is great for beginners. Of course, experienced players will also gladly try it. Your task is to win the maximum prize in the slot machine. You can place any bet that is 1000 times less than the deposit amount. If you have more than 100,000 coins on your account, then boldly play at the maximum rate. As for me, the size of the bet only affects payments.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Slot game-winning strategies

  • Which rate should I choose? There is no clear answer to this question. You can win a lot of small prizes at any rate at Ninjas Path slot machine. The slot is generous and often gives out low-paying prize combinations. It is not recommended to bet more than 50 coins if you are not sure about the size of your deposit.
  • Free games: The most significant winnings are waiting for players in the free spins mode. The frequency of their launch in the slot machine cannot be manipulated. Their fall is always completely random. In one game, they started after 50 spins, and in the other - after 300 spins.
  • The amount of the deposit: Always keep track of the number of coins lost and won. If you have reached the maximum or minimum bankroll mark, you need to stop. In this slot, the highest mark is + 50% of the main bankroll, and the smallest - a reduction of the deposit by 30%.
  • The number of spins per game session: It is necessary to spend as much time as possible during the game process. Make bets that allow you to spin the reels 500 or more times. But do not forget about the limitations.
  • Percentage of return: The developer did not specify the given percentage of the slot. But we can assume that it is at an average level. So, the winning combinations in it are formed quite often. A sequence of "empty" spins usually consists of 1-3 rotations.

Important tips to remember!

  • Carefully choose the size of the bet per spin. It should match the size of your bankroll.
  • Starting the game with only 500 coins on your account is not recommended.
  • A bet of 100 coins will bring large payments, but the risk of losing most of the deposit is too high.
  • The maximum win is 24,000 coins, but it does not happen very often.
  • The winnings on the pay-table are listed with the current bet.
  • Free spins - this is the only bonus in the slot, thanks to it, you can easily recoup.
  • Running free spins with a high frequency. The winning combination usually drops out every 50-100 spins.

You can play at Ninjas Path slot in following Novomatic casinos

  • Only for new players, Casumo casino gives 20 Free Spins for registering on their site.

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