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How to win at Power Joker

How to win at the Power Joker slotThe gaming machine has original rules of the game, so it does not have the usual strategies. We will show you how to win at Power Joker slot, by manipulating the size of the bet and launching a special mode.

Below is the detailed information, after reading which you will understand how to win more. Be sure to apply all the strategies in practice, because you are playing the slot game for the victory.

Personal testers opinion

I would not recommend newcomers to play Power Joker slot machine without prior preparation. This slot is excellent for professionals who are tired of simple fruit games. To win in this slot, you must first play at low stakes on the first playing field. After the loss or the win, make a few spins and go to the second field. The size of the bet does not matter; the main thing is that you have the necessary number of coins. But it is better not to start the "Super-Meter" mode every time after receiving a win.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Slot game-winning strategies

  • "Super-Meter" mode: After the loss of winning combinations, you can go to the "Super-Meter" mode. In it, you expect big winnings, but they fall very rarely. The best way to win is to run a special mode in two or three winning backs. So, you do not risk losing your prizes.
  • The bet per spin: Depending on the playing field and mode, different stakes apply. You can adjust the rate yourself, based on the number of credits you deposited. Remember that the bet does not affect the number of wins, but the prize amount depends on it.
  • Bankroll and normal mode: In the main game, controlling your deposit is much easier. If you lose more than one-third of the amount that was on your account, then pause. And if you managed to increase your bankroll by 50% or more, then it's also necessary to stop. Bankroll and Super Meter mode: In the additional mode, you can win increased payments. But remember that if you lose half of your coins, you need to make a long pause. This will save part of the special coins as you try to break a big jackpot.
  • The low percentage of payments: Remember that the advantage of gambling in this slot machine is quite high. The slot will return about 92% of all lost bets, so you should prepare to spend. Though, it often gives out quite impressive rewards, allowing you to recoup.
  • Time to play: The game process should not last long. Better perform no more than 200 spins, and then take a break. This principle of the game allows you to keep the bankroll balance at a positive mark.

Important tips to remember!

  • The most significant winnings are available in the "Super-Meter" mode but do not get carried away by it.
  • Start additional reels only if the winnings are too small, or at every 3-5 spins.
  • The size of the bet does not affect the outcome of the spin, but only affect the winnings. The more you put, the bigger the prize you will get in the end.
  • The progressive jackpot is extremely rare, so do not chase after it, but enjoy the gameplay.
  • In the basic mode, the payouts are smaller, but the chances of winning are more.
  • In the "Super-Meter" mode, you should be cautious, because you risk losing your deposit quickly.

You can play at Power Joker slot in following Novomatic casinos

  • By choosing Casumo casino, the player can count on quick payouts (within a few hours).

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