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How to win at Pure Jewels

How to win at the Pure Jewels slotHave you decided to hunt for big wins in this slot machine? Then we will give you some advice and show you how to win at Pure Jewels slot more. This article presents all of the winning strategies and recommendations from the tester.

Carefully read all the information on this page, and then apply your new knowledge in practice. You will undoubtedly be able to win and increase the size of your deposit several times.

Personal testers opinion

You must remember that the size of the bet affects winnings in this slot machine. Playing at minimum rates, you will receive minimal payments. And if you played the game at the maximum rates, you will get big rewards. In this case, the bet does not affect the number of prize combinations and the frequency of loss. Choose a bet that fully matches the size of your deposit, but the stake must be 1000 times lesser than the number of coins you have on your account. The Reel Refill option increases the chances of winning, but this function cannot be manipulated.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Slot game-winning strategies

  • The optimal bet: In this slot machine, you can play at any rate. The main thing to remember is that on your deposit, there should be enough credits for at least 1000 spins. You can win a big reward at Pure Jewels slot machine if you spend a lot of time playing. The slot gives high-paying combinations about every 50-100 spins. Wait for them to fall out.
  • Optional option: Additional combinations are often formed after the winning spins, thanks to the Reel Refill option. You cannot influence this option. It always gives out the winnings casually.
  • Doubling: You can always risk small payments. The more often you run a risk game, the more you can win at the Pure Jewels slot machine. But never increase large winnings. The risk of losing them is 50%, so think carefully.
  • Limit yourself: If the slot has taken more than one-third of your bankroll, be sure to pause so that you can save your deposit for further play. It is recommended to stop for several hours after increasing your deposit by 50-60%. This strategy will win and get the maximum excitement for you.
  • The number of rotations: For one game session, you must make at least 400 spins. The more starts you make, the higher the chances of winning. This slot always willingly gives out prizes, but you should wait for the rewards.

Important tips to remember!

  • The slot gives out prizes combinations often, as they are formed in 243 ways.
  • You can get big prizes when playing for low stakes.
  • You should not bet more than 20 coins on spin because you risk losing.
  • Winning combinations of symbols have low coefficients.
  • The bonus function increases the chances of winning several times.
  • In the round for doubling, one should risk only small payments. It is not necessary to increase payments, which are 3-5 times higher than the final rate.
  • The presence of additional symbols - scatter and wild, allows you to win more.
  • Do not forget about the restrictions on bankroll and risk game. This is the only way you can leave this game as a winner.

You can play at Pure Jewels slot in following Novomatic casinos

  • The minimum amount to withdraw at Casumo casino is €20, and there are no restrictions on the maximum amount.

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