How to win at Rainbow King

How to win at the Rainbow King video slotWhen you heard the word “rainbow”, you imagine something colourful and bright in the sky or not. That`s why our developers, when summer is in full swing, decided to create such a colourful slot – the Rainbow King. We hope this game will inspire you to win a lot of money. If you intend to get the maximum amount of prize coins, then feel free to start reading our article. We will talk about how to win at Rainbow King slot. Our experts have revealed all the secrets, so you can safely start the game process and get more rewards.

Especially for our readers, we have prepared this material so that you can achieve the successful completion of the game session. We also offer to get acquainted with the feedback of the tester. You will find some important and exciting tips to increase the profitability of the game. So, read this article attentively!

Personal testers opinion

After testing the slot, I concluded that it can give more if you know all the secrets of Rainbow King slot. In my opinion, there are a lot of advantages in this slot. At first, it is a high probability of winning. Moreover, there is a lot of rewards. And the most impressive is the design, which looks like in fairy tales, everything is bright, sparkling and colourful, you can completely immerse into the world of rainbows. Also, I advise you to listen to the tips on bankroll constraints. Be sure to count them. You should also choose a bet, considering the balance on the game account. To put on a back cost up to 50 coins on a back.

Higher rates can only be used if your bankroll has impressive sizes. As for bonuses, they are activated quite often. And, if you play one bet and do not change it, then the frequency of their launch of prize games will increase. Please note that the main round brings frequent, but not large rewards. The biggest payouts give you a lot of bonuses. Get ready for the fact that you will lose your bankroll over several spins, and after the slot will return a significant amount in any of the additional games. As for me, there are no disadvantages that`s why I can say with certainty that this slot is worth playing.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)


  • Bet. When you choose a bet, keep in mind that the balance of the game account should be considered. Bankroll is always 1000 times more than the current bid. It is also advisable to choose small rates that do not exceed 50 credits per spin. You can play at higher rates, but then the risk of loss may increase. After all, the winning slot gives out every 2-5 spins. Moreover, their size often has small dimensions.
  • Bonus games. Each of the bonuses is activated with high frequency. How can you win at the Rainbow King slot with bonuses? Everything is simple. You should choose a higher bet and play only on it without changing it. The more spins you make, the higher the probability of their launch. What kind of bonus does not matter? In any case, you will receive a decent winning. You should remember that prize games are endowed with various rules and give high payouts. The most lucrative round is Rainbow King. It is in it that you can tear a big chunk. Other bonuses can bring up to 500 total bets.
  • Restrictions. Set the limits before starting the game session. You need to play the game until you have won, which has increased the balance on the game account by 40% or more. Then pause and proceed to the game in a small amount of time. If you lose 30% of your bankroll, then it will be better to complete the rotations of the reels.
  • Time to play. Spend the game session more time. It is recommended to make more than 200 free spins. But the limitations should not be forgotten either. Your primary goal is to maintain a positive balance of the bankroll and make the maximum number of spins.

Important to remember!

  • Betting up to 50 coins gives decent rewards.
  • If you set a maximum, you should prepare for costs.
  • The more spins you make, the better your chances of winning.
  • Bonus games give you the most significant winnings.
  • Playing one bet for 50-100 spins, you will increase the chances of launching prize games.
  • The most lucrative is Rainbow King prize game.
  • Do not lose more than a third of the bankroll.
  • You can complete the game if you tore a big chunk.

You can play at Rainbow King slot in following Novomatic casinos:

  • In Energy casino bonuses are endowed with low ranked players.
  • Casumo casino offers a wide range of gambling.

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